Mentoring Matters

Madison Youth and Family Services program “Mentoring Matters” once again has proven to be a huge success! We are pleased to announce that we are accepting registration forms for all fifth and sixth grade students.

Mentoring Matters will “match” your child with a highly motivated, well-qualified high school student in a mentor/mentee relationship. Within the bounds of this positive peer relationship and through mutuality of experience, our young people can thrive and expand their horizons. Mentoring provides participation with support, friendship, positive reinforcement, and constructive example.

Our group will meet every Monday after school at Brown Middle School from 3:00-4:15.

Madison Youth Services staff will supervise all meetings.

If you feel your child may find our program beneficial and enjoyable, please contact Melissa Balletto at Madison Youth Services – 203 245-5656. Space is limited!

Application for Mentoring Matters