Halloween Spirit

It was a festive day around the entire district yesterday as children and adults got into the Halloween spirit and took time to enjoy magic shows, parades and classroom gatherings. Our middle schools raised hundreds of dollars for the Madison Soup Kitchen! Our kids and staff showed, once again, that we can responsibly have fun as a learning community and include these types of events in our schools. We captured many moments across the entire school district and have posted them to the district website. Enjoy!

Facilities Study

 As many of you are aware, the Board of Education is in the process of conducting a comprehensive study of our district facilities to address declining enrollment, to assess the condition of our buildings, and to ensure that our facilities support the instructional vision of the district. Most recently, BOE Chair, Jean Fitzgerald, shared the following update for the entire community at a BOE meeting:

"On behalf of the board and the Superintendent, I would like to update the public on the where we are in terms of the school utilization study. As a reminder the purpose of this study was to address: declining enrollment, the condition of our facilities and to ensure that our facilities support the instructional vision of our district. At the last board retreat on October 4th, the board decided, in conjunction with the Superintendent and with input from the BOS, BOF and the public, that we will be seeking an in depth study of a two elementary school district. This decision was based on three criteria: parity among the elementary schools, project cost, and school location. Within this model we will be also looking at Polson renovations and reviewing the optimal location for our Pre-K program. The next phase that we will be entering into will include, but not limited to: a geotechnical study, an environmental review, a wetland review, civil/drainage/utilities analysis, a traffic review, hazardous materials testing review and an updated enrollment study. We will also be looking at a site plan test fit and we will get a better understanding of the required scope of the interior work needed to complete the project. We looking forward to beginning the next phase of this process in November."


Election Day

There will be no school next Tuesday, November 8, as the district must close to accommodate voting at Brown Middle School on Election Day.

The Future

What world are we preparing our kids for? Hopefully not the one we entered after high school years ago. The world is very different than recent generations experienced. Automation, robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence, all contribute to a transformed global economy, complete uncertainty about the future of jobs, and pervasive questions about the evolving nature of employment opportunities for our children in the future. Here are a couple of articles and a short 4 minute video on these topics:

The case for redefining what "college and career ready" means.


Politics and remedies aside, this article begins to frame the "future of jobs" problem

Which jobs might we lose to machines and which ones might we never lose to machines…fascinating 4 minute video

Our children live in, and will grow up in, an increasingly more complex world. Is the problem the system, or is it that children lack resilience? Or a combination of both? I'm sure the answer is much more complex than such an oversimplification. What is this current era doing to the brains of our children? What will we, as adults, do? I found this talk on this topic rather thought-provoking



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