March 13, 2017




As you are aware, a significant storm is approaching the region.  Schools will be closed tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14, 2017).  However, I want to make you aware that if the storm duration continues into the evening on Tuesday, and if there is a deep refreeze Tuesday night, it will be very difficult for town's Public Works Department to clear all roads for safe travel of buses.  It is likely that schools may close Wednesday as well.  My hope is that the storm shifts east out to sea, but by all accounts it is expected that we will get upwards of 15 inches of snow.  Opening Day for Major League baseball is only three weeks away on April 3. 



School Utilization Study Update

In the fall of 2014 the Board of Education (BOE) began a comprehensive analysis of the school facilities in order to address:

  • declining enrollment of students,
  • the aging condition of the facilities, and
  • to ensure that the district facilities match the instructional vision of the district.


Last fall, the BOE decided to further examine the viability of a five school district model. Currently, the district utilizes six total schools and the Town Campus Learning Center preschool. In a five school model it is anticipated that Island Avenue School would eventually close, while newly constructed, or renovated, schools on the Jeffrey and Ryerson School campuses would serve all elementary grades in the town. However, if adopted by the BOE, and endorsed by the Boards of Selectmen and Finance this spring, this process would take multiple years to complete. Between submitting application for state reimbursements, planning and designing the renovation or construction projects, and subjecting the financing to a town referendum, it is quite possible that the very earliest this process would culminate is the 2020-2021 school year. In the interim, the BOE is, without question, committed to ensuring equity between all three elementary schools by sustaining necessary maintenance projects, while also delivering the highest quality instructional program with equitable staffing in all three schools.


As we enter the spring months, more specific information will be available, particularly as the school district aligns its efforts with the long-term strategic plan for the Town of Madison.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office directly at 203-245-6320, or by email:


Like most parents I see the widespread use of technology as both a blessing and a curse.  Countless breakthroughs in technology have led to innovations that have literally saved lives, while also affording many with unanticipated conveniences.  That said, the ubiquity of technology has had a profound impact on child development, particularly as children grow into young adulthood.  Most recently, author Simon Sinek, explored this topic, as well as the overall concept of millennials, in a recent interview.  The interview Millennials in the Workplace and subsequent follow up More on the Millennial Question are one person's fascinating theory on the impact of technology on a generation.      


Thomas Scarice

Superintendent of Schools


Madison Public Schools

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