Freshmen Information

Freshmen Grade Timeline:

September / October / November
* Establish your annual goals in the academic, career, and social/emotional sections on Naviance.
* Become familiar with the school and community resources to achieve your goals.
* Actively participate in group activities with the Guidance and Counseling Department.
* Evaluate that your course work is appropriately diverse and challenging.
* Get involved in clubs and activities in the high school and surrounding community.
December / January / February
* Assess your work ethic so that your grades accurately reflect your ability and effort.
* Prepare for and take your first trimester final exams.
* Get, complete and hand in your Course Selection Sheet for your Sophomore year. Make sure you select challenging courses as part of your Academic Planner found in the Program of Studies.
* Complete the Learning Styles Inventory Sheet.
* Explore interests and possible careers.
March / April / May
* Prepare for and take your second trimester final exams.
* Attend the College Fair on April 25th in the Gymnasium
* Keep track of community services, awards, sports and/or enrichment programs for future resume building.
June / July / August
* Prepare for and take your final exams.
* Reflect on your Freshmen Goals and/or Achievements.
* Make your summer count! Consider work, community service and/or enrichment programs.
* Celebrate! Your Freshmen year is behind you!