Sophomore Information

Sophomore Grade Timeline:

September / October / November
* Establish your annual goals in the academic, career and Social/emotional areas on Naviance.
* Consider taking the PSAT in October, if you feel prepared.
* Contine involvement in clubs and activities in teh high school and surrounding community.
December / January / February
* Prepare for and take your first trimester exams.
* Conduct extensive career research - complete the personality assessment and career profiler.
* Explore potential college majors in relation to careers of interest.
* Begin building your resume keeping in mind your community services, awards, sports and/or enrichment programs that you have been associated with.
* Get, complete and hand in your Course Selection Sheet for your Junior year. Make sure you select challenging courses as part of you Academic Planner found in the Program of Studies.
March / April / May
* Prepare for and take your second trimester final exams.
* Consider taking the PreACT Test now being offered. See your Guidance Counselor for more details.
* Take the AP Exams when appropriate.
* Attend the College Fair on April 25th in the Gymnasium.
* Start taking a look at the information we have provided on the College Search page.
June / July / August
* Prepare for and take your final exams.
* Reflect on your Sophomore Goals and/or Achievements.
* Make your summer count! Consider work, community service and/or enrichment programs.
* Celebrate! Your Sophomore year is behind you!