Nite In Hand

Nite In Hand 2016

Nite In Hand is an evening of celebration held graduation night at Daniel Hand High School. It allows Madison's graduates to spend the entire night celebrating together in a safe, substance-free environment. Planning meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, in the DHHS Library, from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Whether you have a Senior or an underclassman, we need you! A successful Nite In Hand depends on great parent participation. Come, learn and experience the Nite In Hand process so that this extraordinary tradition may be continued for years to come.

Volunteer Directory

*Chairs needed to oversee event*

Treasurer Barbara Fiume
Decorating Director Ron Bothelo
Decorations Ron Bothelo
Food Debra Pardales
Picture Boards Allison Macleod
Parking Scott Pardales
Solicitations OPEN
Bake Sales/Baking
Senior Auction
  • OPEN
  • Ann Lefler - Silent Auction
Carnival Games Joan McShane
Bingo Jane Bechtold
Clean-Up OPEN
Raffle OPEN
Publicity OPEN
Lawn/Grad Signs Nathalie Richard
Event Co-Chair/School Liaison
  • Maribel Friend
  • Dina Minniti
Facebook/PhotographyKyndria Brown
Lighting Joan Walker
SecurityTim McAneany
Walk-ThroughHillary Griffin