Grade 2

A Message to the Parents of Incoming 2nd Graders

Welcome second grade readers! You have been practicing choosing just right books from many fiction and nonfiction genres and have built stamina for reading at least 20-30 minutes at a time. We hope you will continue talking about reading with your friends and adults during the summer.

The Scranton Library is an invaluable resource to help you connect your child with books, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and opportunities to spend time with other readers.

This suggested summer reading list contains some of our favorite authors for second graders, student picks, and the 2018 Nutmeg Nominees.

You are free to read whatever you enjoy! Readers read what they love!

Please help your child keep track of his reading by filling out a Summer Reading Recording Sheet of all titles that you've read together and submit it to his/her teacher in September.


Fiction Authors

Melanie Watt Doreen

Chester Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin Number One Kid by Patricia Reilly Giff Birdy's Smile Book by Laurie Keller The Reader by Amy Hest

Jon Klassen Janet

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen Goldilocks and the Three Bears by James Marshall Judy Moody by Megan McDonald Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes

Dav Pilkey Robert Munsch Carol Diggory
John Grogan
A Friend for Dragon by Dav Pilkey I am Really a Princess by Carol Diggory Shields Spoon by Amy Rosenthal

Recommended Series

Young Cam Jansen
by David Adler
Miss Nelson
by Harry Allard
Fly Guy
by Tedd Arnold

Sports Illustrated
Victory School
Sports Stars

Kingdom of Wrenly
by Jordan Quinn
Young Cam Jansen by David Adler Miss Nelson by Harry Allard

Fly Guy:  Hooray for Flyguy by Tedd Arnold

Mercy Watson
by Kate DiCamillo

Galaxy Zack

by Ryan O'ryan

Critter Club
by Callie Barkley
Rainbow Magic Fairies
by Daisy Meadows
Frog and Toad
by Arnold Lobel
Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo Pinky and Rex and the Spelling Bee by James Howe Rainbow Magic Fairies by Daisy Meadows

Princess in Black
Shannon Hale
Amelia Bedelia
by Peggy Parrish
Henry and Mudge
by Cynthia Rylant
Nate the Great
by Marjorie
Weinman Sharmat
Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parrish Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble by Cynthia Rylant Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat


Nonfiction Authors

Greg Tang Gina Bellisario Carmen Bredeson Lisa Bullard
Math Potatoes by Greg Tang Choose Good Food! by Gina Bellisario Baby Animals of Lakes and Ponds by Carmen Bredeson The Empire State Building by Lisa Bullard

Nicola Davies Melissa Higgins Joan Hewett Mary Lindeen
I am Caring A Kangaroo Joey Grows Up by Joan Hewett Trucks by Mary Lindeen

Martha E. H. Rustad Erika L. Shores April Pulley Sayre Melissa Stewart
Sea Turtles by Martha E.H Rustad Snow Leopards by Erika L. Shores

Student Picks

Student Picks
The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew DaywaltShark vs. Train by Chris Barton
Arnie the Doughnut by Laurie Keller

Nutmeg Nominees

Nutmeg Nominees for Grades 2-4

Mr. Ferris and His Wheel by Kathryn Davis

This nonfiction book looks at George Washington Gale Ferris' invention, the Ferris wheel.

Grandma in Blue with Red Hat by Menchin Hana Hashimoto

When a young boy learns about what makes art special--sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it tells a story--he realizes that these same characteristics are what make his grandmother special, too. As a result, he finds the inspiration to create his own masterpiece that's one of a kind.

Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon

Never a conventional princess, Harriet becomes an adventurer after learning she is cursed to fall into a deep sleep on her twelfth birthday, but after two years of slaying ogres, cliff-diving, and more with her riding quail, Mumfrey, things go awry at home and she must seek a prince to set things right.

Sixth Violin by Uegaki Hilo

With the help of her memories of the time she spent in Japan with her ojiichan, which is a professional violinist, a young girl named Hana practices and practices playing her violin for her school talent show.

The Boy who Crashed to Earth by Judd Winick

When a mysterious boy falls from the sky, friends D.J. and Gina must discover the secrets of his identity and help him save the world.

In a Village by the Sea by Muon Van

Moving from the wide world to the snugness of home and back out again, Village by the Sea tells the story of longing for the comforts of home.

Lulu’s Mysterious Mission by Judith Viorst

When Lulu's parents go on vacation, the formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky comes to babysit and Lulu behaves as badly as possible to get her to leave until Ms. Solinsky reveals her secret.

One Plastic Bag by Paul Miranda

In Njau, Gambia, discarded plastic bags littered the roads. Water pooled in them, bringing mosquitoes and disease. But Isatou Ceesay found a way to recycle the bags and transform her community. An inspirational true story.

Phineas L MacGuire...Gets Cooking byFrancis O'Roark Dowell

Phineas has a new chore of cooking dinner every night, but his kitchen experiments take a turn for the worse when the school bully takes a huge liking to Phineas's brownies.

Queen of the Diamond by Emily Arnold McCully

A picture book biography about Lizzie Murphy, the first woman to play in a major league exhibition game and the first person to play on both the New England and American leagues' all-star teams.

Quinny and Hooper by Adrianna Brad Schanen

Two polar-opposite eight year olds who become summer best friends find their friendship threatened by the uncertainties of a new school year.

Rescue on the Oregon Trail by Kate Messner

Ranger, a golden retriever, could have been a great search-and-rescue dog except for the squirrels, but one day he unearths a mysterious box and finds himself transported back to the year 1850, where his faithful service is really needed by a family traveling west along the Oregon Trail.

Skateboard Party by Karen English

Richard can't wait to show off his flat-ground Ollies at a friend's birthday party at the skate park, but a note home from his teacher threatens to ruin his plans. He really meant to finish his assignment on howler monkeys, but he just got . . . distracted. If only he could focus on his schoolwork, he wouldn't get into this kind of trouble! Can Richard manage to put off getting the note signed (and facing the consequences) until after the party, or will the deception make things even worse?

Star Stuff by Stephanie Roth Sisson

This book follows Carl from his days star gazing from the bedroom window of his Brooklyn apartment, through his love of speculative science fiction novels, to his work as an internationally renowned scientist who worked on the Voyager missions exploring the farthest reaches of space.

Winter Bees by Joyce Sidman

In this outstanding picture book collection of poems by Newbery Honor-winning poet, Joyce Sidman discover how animals stay alive in the wintertime and learn about their secret lives happening under the snow.