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Board of Education News

The Board of Education supports the Board of Selectmen’s decision to postpone the October 2020 referendum for the Madison Schools Renewal Plan. 

I have consulted with the First Selectwoman and the Chair of The Board of Finance and we are all in agreement that it would be inappropriate to ask residents to vote on such a large capital investment this year. We find ourselves in a climate of great economic uncertainty and asking taxpayers to consider such an investment at this time would be a disservice both to the taxpayers and to the project itself.

While we support the postponement of the referendum, I want to be clear that the need to address our aging facilities still remains. This global pandemic has –rightfully – shifted our attention to more pressing issues such as health and safety but the pandemic can’t stop time. Everyday our dated facilities get that much older, creep toward the end of their useful life, and greatly increase the cost of maintenance. 

In the coming months, the BOE will continue to work with the BOS and BOF to address our facility needs in the context of our new economic climate. I am confident that by working in cooperation with the other two boards, we will find a way forward that meets the needs of our community and our school facilities.      

Katie Stein

Chair, Madison Board of Education