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We are happy to share some potentially great news regarding the proposed playground at Brown School. If the town (capital) referendum passes successfully on May 14, the administration is confident that the entire “poured in place” playground structure will be ready for children on the first day of school in September, or at the very least, shortly thereafter. 

This is great news. The Board and Administration heard the concerns from families of 9 and 10-years olds headed to a school without an existing outdoor play area, and the concerns of those who had hoped for a seamless transition from elementary school to the newly formed Brown intermediate school. 

In our March column, we discussed the process and planning behind the Outdoor Play and Learning Area. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Facilities Director, Bill McMinn, and with the support of the administration and a local vendor, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that if the town referendum passes on May 14, we can get right to work installing the playground this summer, a year ahead of schedule.

How did this come about?  After the initial review, planning and budgeting process for a new Brown play and learning area, all three town boards (BOE, BOF, BOS), in collaboration with the CIP, approved a project for the amount of $420,300 to be put out to bid in the spring of 2019 in order for full installation in the summer of 2020.  When the bid was accepted in April 2019, two unforeseen factors emerged.  First, the installer that was chosen through the RFP process is on the state bid list, which makes the process advance quickly.  Secondly, this particular vendor, who has done work with the district in the past, agreed to begin installation work after this school year ends, as long as the referendum on May 14 is successful and a letter of commitment is provided. While the funds will still be released on July 1, 2019, this allows the vendor to begin purchasing materials, with the commitment of funds assured.

This is good news in the process of transitioning Brown to an intermediate school housing 4th and 5th graders. For more information on the upcoming referendum, please click here.

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