New Elementary School Naming Committee

Committee Scope, Schedule, and Membership

Committee Scope:

The committee shall recommend to the Board of Education a minimum of three (3) to a maximum of five (5) possible names for the New PreK-5 Elementary School. To develop its recommendations, the committee shall invite the public and members of the school community to suggest school names. The committee shall evaluate the suggestions from the public as well as those of the committee members using the criteria set forth in Policy #7551. 

Committee Schedule:

The Committee shall make its recommendations to the Board of Education no later than February 1, 2024. Prior to making such a recommendation, the committee shall hold two public input sessions – the first to solicit potential school names from the public and the second to solicit feedback on a set of school names up for further consideration.  

Committee Members:

Members appointed Oct. 3 by the Board: 

Seth Klaskin, Chair of the Board of Education (ex officio)                

Craig Cooke, Ph.D. ,  Superintendent (ex officio)   

Cathy Miller,  Board of Education member (1)              

Rebecca Frost, the building principal (1)              

Alicia Dunbar,  faculty member             

Deborah Thomas,  faculty member

Jessica Joseff,  parent/guardian              

Jim Kenney, parent/guardian                           

Amelia Marcous,  community member        

Total voting members: 7