Section 8000 Internal Board Policies/Procedures

8110 Purpose and Role of the Board

The powers and duties of the Board shall be as conferred and prescribed by law.

In the interpretation of the powers and duties of the Board, it is understood that the Board shall act as a governing body in the determination of general policies for the control, operation, maintenance and expansion of the public schools.

The Board reaffirms its faith in the wholesomeness of local control of education. Only by continually striving for excellence in leadership can this Board cope with the many problems which arise. The Board believes that, by establishing policies within which it will operate, it will be able to maintain and reflect the confidence and faith reposed in it by the people.

For that reason, the Board adopts the following guides for its operation.

The Board will:

  1. Determine policy as the basis for serving the educational needs of the community and review the practical application of those policies by the administration. The suggestions and recommendations of the appropriate persons and groups will be considered in the establishment of policy;
  2. Bring to the attention of the administration the opinions, interests and desires of the district and in turn interpret for the people the curriculum, program and policies of the school system;
  3. Recognize the superintendent as the person through whom it acts in matters pertaining to school operation. Encourage the superintendent to recommend policies for adoption and to rely on him to administer the policies enacted by the Board. Such policies shall be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the superintendent. Application of such policies is an administrative detail to be performed by the superintendent;
  4. Refer problems and complaints, whether originating with the public or internally, in the first instance to the superintendent;
  5. Extend to all school personnel the necessary authority to perform the functions of their positions;
  6. Demonstrate professional impartiality in relations with all employees and employee groups
  7. Respect confidential information;
  8. Avoid the exercise of any administrative functions with respect to the schools other than those specifically designated in the state statutes.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
Sec. 10-220
Sec. 10-221

Date of Adoption: 5/15/72

8111 Board Liaison to Schools

The Board of Education may assign one or more of its members to serve as liaison to the schools. The purpose of Board liaisons is to improve understanding of the schools and to improve communications. Board liaisons recognize that their authority exists only in regularly called meetings of the Board. Board liaisons are considered guests in the schools and will schedule visitations through the school administrator.

Legal Reference: Connecticut General Statutes
1-18a Definitions
10-186 Duties of local and regional boards of education
10-220 Duties of boards of education
10-221 Boards of education to prescribe rules
10-240 Control of schools
10-241 Powers of school districts

Date of Adoption: May 17,1988

8201 Student Representation on the Board of Education

It will be the policy of the Madison Board of Education to seat two students from Daniel Hand High School, in a non-voting capacity, at all public Board of Education meetings. Student opinion will be solicited to give an added dimension to the Board's decision-making process.

The two student representatives will not attend executive sessions of the Board of Education nor will they have access to associated backup material.

The following procedures will be followed for the seating of the student representatives:

  1. The members will be recommended by the Student Council, subject to the approval of the principal, the superintendent, and the Board of Education. It is understood that one student should be a member of the senior class and one student should be a member of the junior class.
  2. Such students seated will be given an orientation session by the Superintendent of Schools after the students have been approved.
  3. Student representatives may be removed from their position of nonvoting members of the Board of Education by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Board of Education.
  4. At least one student representative must be present at each regular meeting of the Board of Education. If this is not possible, the representatives must advise the principal and the superintendent's office in advance of the meeting.
  5. The Board of Education reserves the right to dismiss a student representative due to poor attendance and call for the selection of a new member.
  6. The student representatives will report to the student body, through their student council representatives, on the deliberations of the Board of Education.
  7. The student representative should be available for attendance at Board of Education meetings beginning with the start of the school year.

Date of Adoption: 9/15/87 [as 9200 (a)]
Adopted as 8201: 2/21/89