Brown Students Make Music in Xylo-Rhythms Course

Students at Brown Intermediate School are receiving a unique musical education this year through a course called Xylo-Rhythms. Xylo-Rhythms is a 30-day instrumental music course for fourth and fifth grades featuring active, hands-on music making through the use of mallet percussion, keyboards, and drums. Students play two different instruments during the course: a xylophone and a marimba.

“It’s really appealing to the kids,” said teacher Jessica Shaver. “Even the kids who might normally be a bit reluctant still really get into it.”  

The class meets every other day and students learn about beat, rhythm, melody, accompaniment, notation, and playing in an ensemble. Shaver said learning to play as an ensemble is an important part to the course because, “it’s a precursor to playing in a band”. 

Click on the video to see a clip of a fifth grade class. A small informal performance will be held for parents towards the end of the course.