Principal's Message


Welcome to Dr. Robert H. Brown Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year!

The middle years are time for growth, challenge and discovery. At Brown, we encourage and prepare students to participate fully, to take risks, to be self-advocates, and to create lasting memories and relationships with their peers and staff. I am proud to be the principal of such a nurturing staff and a member of the “Brown Family.”

Our goal at Brown is to provide an enriching, engaging, and challenging curriculum that will prepare students for success while at Brown and for the years that follow. We believe that students, parents and teachers all play a vital role in helping students reach their greatest potential. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources and opportunities available to them- their teachers, the library, the computer labs, school spirit days, student council, Peer Advocates, Peer Supporters, our after school academic and athletic offerings, and teacher websites. Parents can check progress regularly via our parent portal and can access information about school events on our website.

At Brown, we recognize that social/emotional development is as essential to student success as are academics. This year we continue our advisory program, called S A I L – Success, Achievement, Independence, Leadership. During S.A.I.L., groups of students meet with a certified faculty member to explore middle school topics like self-advocacy, respect, friendship, and kindness. Our goal is to provide a time for students to build connections with teachers and peers and to build a stronger sense of community and student ownership at Brown School. Activities for the 18-19 school year will evolve from our school theme – Every day brings new choices, choose to make a positive difference today.

Active parent participation is essential to our success. Please contact any member of your child’s team or our dedicated PTO Executive Board for information on how you can support our work. Staff members provide a nurturing environment in which our young adolescents can learn, take risks, and thrive. Their work, in partnership with our parent community, has and will continue to support us to fulfill our school mission.

I look forward to working with you and your children during the 2018-2019 school year. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time; our continued success is dependent on your feedback.


Julianne Phelps



Life at Brown School!