Brown Digital Citizenship Lessons Shine during Distance Learning

A large portion of the Brown Intermediate Grade 4 coding curriculum is heavily focused on Digital Citizenship and being safe when online. Based on Google's Be Internet Awesome program, students learn how to work collaboratively online and how to organize their online information - truly a necessity in this trimester's distance-learning world – as well as:

  • how to create strong passwords to protect their personal and private information
  • what information is smart to share online and what should never be shared 
  • to be alert for internet scams and what to look for in a website or email to be more certain that the email is not phishing and websites are real, not fake;
  • to be kind and stand up to people who are not kind by acting as an upstander, not a bystander in online bullying situations
  • how and when to report activity that is unsafe or unkind (bullying)

Students also examine ideas around plagiarism and giving credit to other people's ideas through an introduction to Google's citation app, NoodleTools, which they will use throughout their time in Madison Public Schools and possibly beyond.

The unit's culminating project is to choose some aspect of digital citizenship and write / produce a video illustrating its importance to being safe online. Typically, this is a group project but distance learning and social distancing forced kids to be a little more creative.

All students wrote an outline of the skit they would have performed and some chose to film and submit their video, and in some cases, it became a family project!

Take a look at some of the great final videos!