Brown Students Explore Wind Energy

January 28, 2020 - Brown Grade 4 students explored the power of wind energy as they constructed their own windmills to demonstrate how wind energy can used to do work.  Windmills were constructed over the course of a class period and students worked in teams of two to correctly assemble their windmills. 

Students worked on the design of the windmill to determine how many chips their windmill would be able to lift using only wind energy.  Some Grade 5 students even came in to help out and share their knowledge from when they created a windmill last year.  All windmills will be going home with students, so keep an eye out for them this week!

Prior to this culminating project in the Energy Unit, students investigated the various forms of energy and how energy can be transferred from one object to another.  Students will then apply their understanding of energy to their final unit; The Power to bring Change.  During this unit, they will explore how wind and wave energy can cause damaging weather. They will then research how the natural resources in Madison, such as wetlands and green infrastructure, can help to protect and prevent this damage.  Ultimately, students will engage in an interdisciplinary assessment that combines content and skills from Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts as they write a persuasive letter to a local stakeholder, urging them to take action to protect our natural resources.

Students test their windmills with fans in the classroom. If the windmill has been assembled correctly, the small bucket filled with chips will start to rise.

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Two students work on building their windmills
Two Brown Students Explore Wind Energy using a windmill
Students at Brown School build windmills to explore wind energy
Brown School students create windmills to explore wind energy
Brown School students create windmills to explore wind energy
Brown School student and teacher create a windmill to explore wind energy
Brown School student building a windmill