Grade 4 Hammonassett Field Study

This October, Grade 4 students from Brown Intermediate School took a trip down to Hammonasset Beach State park for a series of field studies that included an exploration of the salt marsh and collecting invasive Asian shore crabs on Circle Beach.  

The theme of the fourth grade science year is "How do our actions impact the world around us?" Students have a chance to develop their understanding of ecosystems through the lens of our local wetlands as students explore the inhabitants and their adaptations for survival and the importance of wetlands to our town. Field studies play an important role in the curriculum across the grade levels in the district and occur in various places around Madison such as Hammonasset, Rockland Preserve, and Bauer Park. 

The field studies are made possible in part by support from the town, PTO’s, parents, volunteers, and other members of the community.

Grade 4 also uses this series of lessons in an integrated assessment merging English and Science content to administer an interdisciplinary assessment called a Madison Experience (ME).  This assessment is complex and designed to evaluate the degree to which students have demonstrated proficiency in both content and thinking and doing skills. 

4th grade students study the ecosystem at Hammonassett State Park
Field study at Hammonasset State Park by the 4th Grade Class
How do our actions impact the world around us?  Brown School 4th grade studies science