Meet the Counselors

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Mrs. Eliza Hayes and 6th Grade student leaders at the 2015 Middle Level Leadership conference at Trinity College

Mrs. Eliza Hayes and 6th grade student leaders at the 2015 Middle Level Leadership Conference at Trinity College. 

Mrs. Rachel Kilian,
School Counselor

Phone: 203-245-6421


Hello Brown Students, Parents and Community Members!

My goal as a Brown School Counselor is to help ALL students feel connected to the Brown School Community. I aim to help students feel confident about their academics, their relationships with peers and adults and help students develop goals for their future.

When I’m not meeting with students or adults, you can find me in core and health classes engaging students in lessons from our Comprehensive Developmental School Counseling Curriculum. These lessons and activities focus on stress management, respect, accepting differences, conflict resolution, goal setting, organization and friendship. I also work with students in leadership groups like Student Council and Peer Supporters. In addition, students will be invited to have fun game lunches with me and peers throughout the year. These lunches are aimed at fostering friendships and provide me with the opportunity to get to know my students better.

Before coming to Brown in 2013, I was a School Counselor in a middle school and high school in Syracuse, New York. I grew up in Connecticut and attended Syracuse University where I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and met my husband. We're a huge fans of Syracuse University Athletics and love to cheer on the Syracuse football, basketball and lacrosse teams. I'm an animal lover and enjoy reading, listening to music, exercising and when it’s warm, I spend as much time outdoors or at the beach as possible.

Mrs. Eliza Hayes,
School Counselor

Phone: 203-245-6419


Hello Brown School Community!

I am excited to be working with the 5th grade for the 2017-2018 school year.

I will be seeing you in your classrooms, health classes, cafeteria, special lunch groups and all around the school. I will be running the 5th grade Student Council, Peer Supporters Group and starting a new group of Peer Mediators. If you have an idea for a special group, just let me know!

When I am not at Brown School I like to sing, be outside, do yoga and spend time with my young daughter and husband.

I am always happy to help you with ideas for reducing worry and increasing happiness!