Frequently Asked Questions

There are different reasons why students and parents may see the School Counselors at Brown. Students visit with the school counselor in three main ways: individually, in a group, or during a classroom lesson.

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What is a School Counselor

The School Counselor...

  • Addresses the needs of ALL students through the implementation of a comprehensive, standards-based, developmental school counseling program that covers three domain areas: academic development, career development, and personal/social development
  • Possesses a state-certification in School Counseling and a Master’s degree.
  • Is integral to the total educational program by promoting and enhancing the learning process for ALL students.

School Counselors Help Students by…

  • Counseling students both individually and in groups
  • Developing and delivering developmental guidance lessons to address topics such as bullying & harassment, friendship, and careers
  • Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success
  • Helping students to recognize and make the best of their abilities
  • Helping create a safe school environment where children can learn
  • Working with students and parents on attendance issues
  • Providing support during personal crisis
  • Helping design interventions to enhance student success
  • Supporting students through and preparing them for transitions between schools
  • Making appropriate referrals to outside agencies
  • Offering specialized groups for students such as study skills and social skills
  • Working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and administrators to meet the needs of students
  • Orienting new students
  • Providing parents with resources to help their child in school and at home
  • Assisting students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities
  • And much more!

Why and How Do Students See a School Counselor?

Who can refer someone to the School Counselor?

  • Request of the counselor
  • Parent referral
  • Administrative referral
  • Teacher or other staff referral
  • Referral by friend(s)
  • Self-referral

What if I want to talk to the School Counselor? How do I set up a meeting?

Both Miss Hayes and Mrs. Kilian are great people to come talk to if you’re having problems with school, friends, family, or anything else! If you do come to talk to one of us, we promise to be good listeners. You can stop by our offices if you would like to see one of us. Our rooms are located in the Main Office (Mrs. Hayes's office is right across from Mrs. Beckwith's desk; Mrs. Kilian's office is across from Mrs. Sawicki's desk in the Attendance Office). Together we'll figure out a good time for us to meet (usually during study hall or lunch). If your counselor is not there or if we are talking to another student, you can leave either of us a note, so we know to get in touch with you.

If I get a pass to see my School Counselor, does it mean I'm in trouble?

Nope! You are definitely NOT in trouble! It just means that we want to get to know you better. Middle school can be really hard, and we are here to make sure every student at Brown School feels comfortable, safe, and successful.

School Counselors teach classroom lessons?

A big part of our job is teaching fun, creative and exciting lessons to Health classes and sometimes we'll come and teach in core classes as well. Some of the topics we will cover are student success planners, career exploration, goal setting, friendship, organization, accepting differences, conflict resolution and bullying/harassment.

What is Confidentiality?

Information students share with their School Counselor is confidential meaning we do not share that information with anyone else.

Mrs. Kilian and Miss Hayes make every effort to follow the counseling guidelines established in the American School Counselor Association Code of Ethics. However, School Counselors are obligated to break confidentiality if we believe students are at risk of harming themselves or others, if we believe students are at risk of being harmed or if a law is broken.

Why & How Do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

Why do Parents contact the School Counselor?

Parents are invited to contact us at any time via phone or email regarding their child. We can discuss your concerns over the phone or you can come in to meet with either of us. Some of the reasons parents contact their child's School Counselor are:

  • Concerns about student achievement
  • Concerns about social issues
  • Family health problems
  • New school registration and orientation
  • Test interpretation
  • Discussing needs of their child
  • Early discussion of potential crises
  • Family difficulties or concerns
  • Parenting resources

How do parents contact a School Counselor?

The Brown School Counselors can be reached via phone or email. To reach Miss Hayes directly by phone, please call (203)245-6419. To reach Mrs. Kilian directly by phone, please call (203)245-6421. Both counselors can also be reached by calling the main office at (203)245-6400. To send an email to Miss Hayes or Mrs. Kilian click on their email address below.

Mrs. Kilian:

Miss Hayes: