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Madison Public Schools Network Use Agreement

Grades 4-8

The use of computers and electronic devices (hereafter referred to as “computers”) in school is a privilege, not a right. I understand that my behavior and language are to follow the same rules I follow in my class and in my school. Failure to adhere to the following rules may result in the loss of this privilege. To help myself and others, I agree to the following promises:

  1. I will practice good digital citizenship.
  2. I will use school computers and printers only to do school work, as explained to me by my teacher and not for any other reason. I will not use a school computer or printer for personal or illegal purposes.
  3. I will only store materials related to my schoolwork on school computers.
  4. I will not attempt to load programs or inappropriate material onto school computers.
  5. I will not plagiarize digital content and present someone else's words or ideas as mine. I will not violate any copyrights or license agreements.
  6. I will not give my password to anyone else, and I will not ask for or use anyone else’s password. I will never log onto a school computer or resource as anyone but myself. I will not leave an open file or open session unattended. I accept responsibility for all activity associated with my user accounts.
  7. I will not provide any personal information about myself or anyone else, such as my name, address, age or telephone number when using the computer/Internet. I will tell a teacher if I am asked for personal information.
  8. I will never make appointments to meet someone in person that I have only communicated with online.
  9. I will be polite and considerate when I use the computer. I will not use it to annoy, be mean to, frighten, tease, or poke fun at anyone by using media, swear words, or rude language.
  10. I will not use the computer to bully or threaten anyone, including teachers, classmates or other students.
  11. I will not try to see or to send anything that says bad or mean things about anyone’s race, religion or sex.
  12. I will not intentionally damage the computer or anyone else’s school work.
  13. If I have or see a problem with the computer, I will not try to fix it myself, and I will tell the teacher.
  14. I will not tamper or interfere with school computers or the network. I will not attempt to “hack” the system or bypass any filters. I will not attempt to harm, modify, gain unauthorized access to district systems or data, destroy software, or interfere with system security.
  15. I understand that my computer use is not private; my teacher may look at my work to be sure that I am following these rules, and if I am not, I may be forbidden to use the school computers and I may receive other disciplinary action.
  16. I understand the importance of responsible use of computers and the Internet and promise to adhere to these principles while using computers outside of school as well. I understand that inappropriate use outside of school affecting the rights of other students may result in disciplinary action in school. I understand that the school’s Code of Conduct applies while using computers and the Internet both in school and at home.

Chromebook Pledge
Grades 4-8

Please read this pledge and type your name below.

  • I will take good care of the Chromebook and bring it to school every day.
  • I will never leave the Chromebook carelessly unattended.
  • I will never loan my Chromebook to other individuals.
  • I will know where my Chromebook is at all times.
  • I will charge the Chromebook battery every night.
  • I will not disassemble any part of the Chromebook or attempt any repairs.
  • I will use the Chromebook in ways that are appropriate, educational, and meet MPS expectations.
  • I will not cover or deface the serial number or any other identifier on the Chromebook.
  • I understand that the Chromebook is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of the Madison Public School District.
  • I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by negligence or abuse.
  • I agree to return the Chromebook and charger in good working condition at the end of each school year.
  • I have read and will follow the Network Use Agreement.
  • I understand if I withdraw or terminate enrollment in Madison Public Schools for any reason, I must return the Chromebook, along with accessories, on that day.
  • Typing your name below is your commitment to adhere to this agreement.

    PARENTS: I have read the Network Use Agreement and discussed it with my child, and I give my permission for his or her use of these resources. I understand that computer access is conditional upon adherence to the guidelines above. Although students are supervised when using these resources, and their use is electronically monitored, I am aware of the possibility that my child may gain access to material that school officials and I may consider inappropriate or not of educational value