Field Hockey


Saturday 8/28
(Anyone who is approved in Family ID can begin tomorrow   according to the following schedule)

               Cohort A (last names A-L)  is from 9-10:15

               Cohort B (last names M-Z)  is from 10:30-12  noon

*****Be sure everyone is masked and distancing.  Distance when preparing for practice, during breaks, etc.  The more cautious we are the greater chance we have of playing field hockey games this fall!!!!!!!

Weekday practices will be:  2:30-4 and 3:30-5  (Cohort A will have the earlier time when they attend in-school, Cohort B has the earlier time when in-school;  later times are for the group that is online that day. Starting 9/16 . . . on Wednesdays Cohort A goes first, B second)


Varsity - 2:30 - 5 p.m.

JV and Freshman practices - 2:30 - 4 p.m.




Junior Varsity


COACH: Trish Docker 




COACH: Sue Leckey
ASST. COACH: Stew Leckey