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Daniel Hand High School, Madison, CT

Dear Students:

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Program of Studies. This Program of Studies has been prepared to help you choose a course of study for your high school years. Planning is an important part of a successful high school experience. We hope you find it helpful in making informed decisions.

Daniel Hand High School provides you with a high quality core curriculum in mathematics, English, social studies, science, and world languages. In addition, a wide range of choices are available in art, music, business, and technology education. Choosing appropriate courses based on your interest, skills, and goals is important in preparing you for your future beyond high school.

It is essential that you and your parents/guardians thoroughly review this booklet and discuss your options. Prior to selecting your courses for next year, it is recommended that you work closely with your teachers and school counselors. We strongly encourage you to think carefully about your choices. These courses become the foundation for future education and training that will support your goals.

An important aspect of your high school education is to broaden your experiences beyond the classroom walls. We encourage you to become involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities in both the high school and the community. Some of the many possibilities available to you include clubs, athletics, student government, the arts, and community service endeavors. All of these provide opportunities for you to pursue interests and make new friendships.

The administration, faculty, and staff of Daniel Hand High School are here to provide you with the resources, support, and encouragement you will need to be successful.


Anthony R. Salutari, Jr.


Our primary purpose is to graduate successful life-long learners who are responsible citizens in the global community.  Daniel Hand High School students, in collaboration with educators, parents, and the Madison community, will develop as motivated, self-reliant, creative, and ethical individuals who respect differences in others.

Core Values and Beliefs Statement:

The Daniel Hand High School community believes that the mission of our school is to support all students by providing them with challenging educational opportunities which will prepare them to be globally aware citizens of the 21st century.   To succeed in this mission, we recognize that our students must demonstrate competence in oral and written communication; understand effective and responsible use of technology; and develop critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.  In addition, it is critical that our students respect and contribute to the diverse, multicultural community and international community in which they live.


We are committed to:

  • All students meet or exceed high performance standards in rigorous core and related arts programs.
  • All students will have access to appropriate programs and services. 
  • All students will be provided opportunities to learn in a safe and secure school facility.
  • All students will respond to success and failure with reflection and resiliency.
  • School facilities and instructional resources will support 21st century learning and enhance educational experiences for all students.
  • All students will be supported in learning environments that foster a climate of respect for all.
  • Staff and administration will create and encourage student participation in activities that foster students’ wellness and physical health.
  • All students will benefit from support services delivered in a student-centered school that addresses social-emotional development and well-being.     
  • All students and staff will benefit from collaboration and partnership with civic, business, higher education, and other community groups and resources.


Academic Competencies:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency and fluency in communication to meet the demands of the global community:
    1. Writing - Write effectively for a variety of purposes.
    2. Presenting - Speak effectively and clearly; listen actively.
    3. Comprehending – Understand written, auditory, and/or visual materials.
  2. Use technology effectively and responsibly
  3. Apply effective and efficient strategies to gather information and materials, think critically, and create innovative solutions to problems. 
  4. Demonstrate creative expression and skill through a performance or a product. 

Civic and Social Competency:

  1. Demonstrate respect for others and oneself and contribute to the success of others.


It is the policy of the Board of Education of Madison that no person shall be excluded from employment or participation in, be denied the benefits of or, be subjected to unlawful discrimination under any educational or employment program or activity because of age, color, marital status, national origin, physical disability, race, creed, or sex.  This policy includes but is not limited to course offerings, athletic programs, school counseling, and test procedures.  While separation of students in certain specific activities and facilities may be warranted in the best interest of the students' physical or emotional or social well-being, and while unequal aggregate expenditure of funds for members of a particular group of students will not in and of itself constitute a violation of this policy, it is the explicit intent of the Board to provide genuinely equal opportunity for all students in all program areas. The grievance procedure, which will permit students to communicate grievances related to the Title IX Regulations, can be found in the Handbook for Students and Parents.