Career and Technical Education Department

Course required for Graduation

DHHS requires 1.0 credits of CTE for graduation.

The Career & Technical Education (CTE) program in Madison is designed around seven unique pathways to cultivate our students’ potential by integrating rigorous classroom instruction with relevant, work-based experiences that inspire, guide, and empower them for post-secondary college and careers. 

Pathway #1 offers students a variety of exploratory experiences, while pathways #2 – 7 offer students unique experiences within a specific career. These career pathways are constructed as a journey of exploration that is specifically designed to engage the learner in a possible career path.  Courses are designed to spark interest, capture the possibilities in the field, and allow students to experience work as novice practitioners.  Our courses offer challenging, engaging, effective and relevant curriculum that includes technical knowledge, skills, and academics foundational for our students’ success in the real world.

Each career pathway (#2 – 7) has a foundational course that exposes our students to the core of the pathway.  Unless stated as a prerequisite, the foundational course is not mandatory but is highly recommended if the student is interested in pursuing other courses in this pathway.  Additional courses in a pathway offer students the essential skills needed to succeed in the pathway.

Career and Technical Education Course Offerings

1 – Exploratory Experiences

2 - Business Management Career Pathway

3 – Education and Training Career Pathway

4 – Engineering and Technology Career Pathway

5 – Journalism and Broadcasting Career Pathway

6 - Manufacturing Production

7 – Restaurant and Food Service Career Pathway