Physical Education

Physical Education Department and Health / Wellness Course Offerings

Grade P.E. Course Options

Choose one:

  • Leisure PE
  • Recreational Games
10 & 11

Choose one:

  • Lifetime Pursuits
  • Net Games
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Personal Fitness

Grade 12: If your 1.0 PE credit has been satisfied, you may take one of the Grade 10 & 11 P.E. course offerings as an elective.

Grade Health & Wellness Course Options
9  or 10             Health I
11 or 12 Health II


Course required for Graduation

DHHS requires  2.0 credits Physical Education and Health/Wellness for graduation.

The Physical Education and Health & Wellness program is driven to prepare students to be life-long learners competent in both health and physical literacy. Carefully designed and blended curricula will provide opportunity to develop the ability to access, understand, apply, and advocate for health information and services, to maintain or enhance one’s own health or the health of others, as well as develop confidence to engage in a variety of physical activities that promote lifelong fitness. It is our school community’s belief that development of Profile of a Graduate skills related to health, wellness, and physical activity are crucial in making physical, intellectual, and social and emotional health-enhancing choices across one’s lifespan.

The Physical Education program provides an environment conducive to learning, enjoying, and building self-confidence. A physically educated person has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, is physically fit, participates regularly in physical activity, knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities, and values physical activity and its contribution to a healthful lifestyle.

Health Education is designed to help students assume responsibility for their health and the health of others. Courses focus on the development of the following health skills: Accessing information, Analyzing Influences, Decision-Making and Goal-Setting, Communication, Self-Management, and Advocacy.

Note: Courses must be taken in grade level sequence, and passing each health course is required for graduation.


P.E. and Health & Wellness Course Options: Incoming Grade Nine

Please note that during the 2023-2024 school year, Grade 9 students will select one of the two grade 9 Physical Education options. Health I can be taken in either grade 9 or 10.

P.E. and Health & Wellness Course Options: Grades Ten and Eleven