School Counseling

Counseling Office: (203) 245-6360

FAX: (203) 245-6356


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are excited about the start of this school year.  Our school counselors are committed to supporting all students at D.H.H.S.  We will continue to connect with our students individually, in small groups, in the classroom and via google classroom. The best way to reach the school counselors are students can stop in or email and parents/guardians can call or email.  Please see the contact information below and we will also continue to give updates in the PTO meetings on occasion.

Your children's continue success is important to us.  Feel free to reach out at any time.

Thank you!

The School Counseling Department

I am your school counselor.
I don’t have a magic wand, a crystal ball or all the answers.
But I do have ears to listen, a heart to care, and time to give.
I have ideas and an open mind.
I am your school counselor.
And I am here for you.

School Counseling Calendar


Attention Parents/Guardians:

The School Counseling office frequently sends important information via Naviance to parent/guardian emails. Please make sure that you have an active email account in Naviance.


Recent Webinars

Daniel Hand High School Program of Studies

           PSAT REGISTRATION 2021   

To: Interested students in Grades 10 and 11

Test Date: Saturday, 10/16/2021

Arrival Time: 7:30 am; D.H.H.S. classrooms

Cost: $27.00 paid in your IC Fees section

Registration Dates: 9/13/21-9/30/21

Any questions please stop in the School Counseling Office or call 203-245-6360

School Profile

First page of the PDF file: DHHS_SchoolProfile