Naviance Family Connection

Information for Parents/Guardians

Naviance Family Connection

Students and families at Daniel Hand High School will be provided with access to Naviance Family Connection. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that empowers students and families to connect learning and life and provides schools and districts with the information that need to help students prepare for life after high school.

Naviance is  a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that empowers students and families to connect learning and life and provides schools and districts with the information that need to help students prepare for life after high school. 

What is Family Connection?

DHHS has partnered with Naviance to provide a variety of tools for student achievement through academic planning.  These tools are located in Family Connection, a website for students and families to access online resources and collaborate on college and career readiness activities.

The Naviance program has both a student and a parent component.  DHHS students have already received their log-in information.  Included in this brochure is the necessary information for parents to access their own accounts.

We take pride in supporting our students’ journey in developing their potential to compete in the ever-changing global marketplace. Early planning can guide students’ experiences in middle and high school and help them make informed educational decisions.

Although most students do have post-secondary goals, many are not taking practical steps to achieve these goals in early high school. They may not be accessing the post-secondary planning resources and information that will help them with their educational and career decisions.

Each student will develop an individualized electronic portfolio with the help of parents/guardians, school counselors, and teachers.  The three major  areas of focus will be academic success, college/career exploration, and personal/social development.  This closely follows the school counseling curriculum and the development of the  student success plan as outlined by the state of Connecticut.

Academic Readiness:  Course plans ensure your student is on track in school. Course plans can be created based on graduation requirements or other pathways the student may be interested in.                                               

Career Readiness:  Your student can complete multiple career assessments to help him or her learn more about his or her personality type, interest areas and possible careers after high school.     

Setting Goals:  Your student can develop as many goals as he or she would like. These goals can be academic, social or personal accomplishments. Goals are a great way for your student to focus on key actions that lead to success.


What can your student do in Family Connection?

Students can research colleges, scholarships, careers, enrichment programs and courses in one location. They can also create individual plans that can be linked to college and career readiness. Students can communicate easily with teachers and counselors. For college and career readiness, students can request transcripts and recommendations for college applications as well as complete career assessments and perform college and career searches. Students can also create goals and track associated tasks and activities.

Resume Builder:  Students  can build his/her resume in Family Connection. He or she should review and revise the resume from year-to-year as accomplishments, interests and activities change. As you work with your student, consider the following:

  1. Find out what activities he/she enjoys most. Are there ways to involve your student in the activities either in school or in the community?
  2. Determine if he/she is focused on a lot of activities or a few activities. Helping your student focus on a few key activities he or she enjoys can help in creating a well-balanced resume with academic and extracurricular activities.
  3. Help your student decide what activities or interest he or she wants to continue in college. This can help identify scholarships and other programs that may support that goal.


Naviance and Parent/Guardian Accounts


Parents/Guardians are able to access their Naviance account with their own log- in and password.  We strongly advise that parents/guardians register to help you become  familiar with the many resources and tools that are available through Naviance.

For your convenience, a link to Naviance can be found on the Daniel Hand High School Counseling webpage.  Once you have created your account, please  review and update your personal profile.  If you would like to add an additional parent/guardian or already have a log-in for another child, please contact the school counseling office. 

Any other questions pertaining to the Naviance program may be directed to your child’s school counselor.

Ms. Hawley- Counseling Coordinator

Ms. Coyle-Counselor

Mr. Heins-Counselor

Ms. Judson-Counselor

Ms. Rossi-Counselor

Ms. Skarsten-Counselor

  Home Page

  • View updates and links from the school
  • Read and send email messages to school staff

Colleges tab

  • Monitor student progress during the college  application process
  • Add colleges to the Colleges I’m Thinking About list for your student
  • Research colleges, enrichment programs and scholarships
  • View upcoming college visits to DHHS

Careers tab

  • Review the results of student’s assessments
  • Research careers and pathways

About Me tab

  • Take surveys
  • Review student’s resume
  • View student’s test scores

My Planner tab

  • Comment of student’s goals
  • Comment of student’s tasks