College Application Resources

We have comprised an extensive, although not inclusive, listing of resources while considering your post-graduate options. Please visit with your school counselor if you have any additional questions.


Student Information on Naviance

The College Board

Great News! The College Board and Khan Academy have partnered to offer all students no-cost personalized practice towards their SAT® when students link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts!

Connecticut State College Options

Is staying local the best option for you and your family?

Connecticut State College and University List

Note: this list does not include the nearly 40 Private Colleges and Universities also located in CT. See your school counselor for full details.

College Bound Athletes

Want to play College sports? Not sure what division your interested college is in? See your school counselor.

College Athletics

Armed Services

Interested in enlisting in the Armed Services?

See your school counselor as they work closely with the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines) to provide information to our students who may be considering a future in the military. We also offer, free of charge, the ASVAB Test. 

comic: I want to show my colleges I'm well-rounded, so I wrote a poem in Spanish about how chess club has made me a better quarterback

For additional information on the College application process, visit the Senior Information page and/or visit with your Guidance Counselor at any time to answer any questions, get advice and to share your exciting college decision with them!