UConn ECE Program

Final Deadline for enrollment in UConn ECE courses for the 2019-2020 school year is:

Monday, September 30th

UConn Program - Things to consider:

1. In 2017, over 12,000 students state-wide are taking advantage of this program, with DHHS student participation in top 10 in the state!

2. Currently, DHHS offers 13 programs with staff members certified to teach these college-leveled classes.

3. Deadlines are deadlines. You must consider all aspects of registering and withdrawing and adhere to the UConn dates, NOT the deadlines required by DHHS for adding/withdrawing from classes.

4. Be aware of all fees that are associated with the course(s) that you register for. These fees are assessed by UConn and not DHHS.

If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Hawley or Mrs. Heller in the Guidance Office.

2018-2019 DHHS Courses Available for UConn Credit:

AP Calculus AB, #272

AP Calculus BC, #271

AP Chemistry, #351

Discrete Math, #267

AP English, #041

AP European History, #171

Individual and Family Development, #578

Mandarin Chinese 4 Honors, #446

AP Physics I, #361

AP Physics with Calculus, #363

Spanish 6 Honors, #451

AP Statistics, #291

AP United States History, #171

Click here for the UConn ECE Program website:The 2019-2020 Program Overview including the Consent Form is available in the Guidance and Counseling Department.