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Donations for The Madison Food Pantry
Dear Madison Residents,

Daniel Hand's Excel Club, the student organization of the Exchange Club of Madison, provides various community service in Madison. This spring, Excel Club is launching a campaign to help fight food shortages in Madison, a problem that has become more urgent than ever as a result of job losses, income loss, and limited food supplies. Some of our past fundraisers and projects have helped people who benefit from services such as the Madison Food Pantry and KidsafeCT, a statewide child abuse prevention organization. With the COVID-19 outbreak causing unprecedented financial complications for many families, Excel Club asks the Town of Madison to support their fellow residents through the Madison Food Pantry.

To keep people safe from the spread of the virus, the Pantry is now supplying gift cards to grocery stores, as well as home drop offs for those who are unable to shop. However, these gift cards cost more for the Pantry than buying their supplies in bulk from grocery stores, depleting their reserves extremely quickly. As a community service club, we approached the Food Pantry to create a town-wide campaign to raise money. We ask that Madison residents contribute something to the Pantry in these tough times; no matter how small the gift is, it is appreciated by those in need.

Please help the individuals and families that struggle to put food on their tables each night. If you would be interested in assisting your fellow neighbors, please consider donating at https://madisoncommunityservices.org/food-pantry/. Please refer to the Excel Club in their "write a note" section on their donation page. This will help us keep track of the numbers!

The Madison Excel Club, Exchange Club of Madison, Food Pantry, and the less fortunate people of Madison thank you for your kindness and support. Together, we can combat the complications of COVID-19 and become a stronger community.

The Excel Club
Daniel Hand High School

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