Meet New DHHS Assistant Principal Melanie Whitcher

Assistant Principal Melanie Whitcher

The administrative team at Daniel Hand High School has a new member this year. A former Branford high school math teacher and former Madison math coordinator, Melanie Whitcher said she is excited to step into this new leadership role at the high school.     

Whitcher said she is looking forward to getting out and interacting with students.  

“What I have loved so much so far is having the ability to walk the halls and have conversations with kids and hear about things that teachers are doing,” she said. “Being able to see a school a little more globally is definitely the highlight of being in a position like this.”  

Whitcher is also the senior class administrator and said she is looking to forward to sharing all the year’s big moments – graduation, scholarship night, awards night, etc. – with the seniors. 

“I am trying to build a relationship with these students as quickly as I can so that I can help ensure that their last year here is phenomenal,” she said. “So it’s a challenge for me but it is also something I am really looking forward to.”