Nite In Hand

Nite In Hand 

Planning Meeting Agenda
7:00 p.m. January 28, 2021 

Here is the link to the meeting:
Meeting ID: 882 4101 6447

  1. Connect & Follow Us!
  2. Registration & Solicitation Letters SENT!
  3. Fundraisers
    • Tag Sale Fundraiser Update
    • Raffle Fundraising Choices
  4. NIH Format Update
  5. Checking in with The Committee Chairs

Tag Sale

Nite In Hand Online Tag Sale - A fundraiser to benefit Nite in Hand Sale Starts 1/30

For more information on how to donate/participate:

Facebook: @NIHAuction

Instagram: @NiteInHandAuction


How to Donate to the Nite In Hand Virtual Tag Sale

  1. Snap a picture
    • Take a GOOD photo of the item - preferably with a clean with background
  2. Describe the Item
    • Provide a detailed description including brand names, sizes, dimensions, and any damages or imperfections.
  3. Email Us
  4. Drop off the item
    • If your item sells, drop it off to us on February 20, 2021 at a convenient, local spot.
  5. Bask in our eternal gratitude
    • You did a good thing! THANK YOU!