2020 International Trip Opportunities Open to DHHS Students

This past summer Mr. Josh Hibbard, Spanish teacher at Daniel Hand High School and seasoned tour group leader, accompanied nine students on a Service Learning Trip to Peru.  During the trip, students visited Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu.  Students dedicated two days of community work to the Sacred Valley Project moving large rocks and filtering soil for the future construction of a greenhouse.  

It was a great trip for all and there are opportunities for more students to go on an international trip in 2020 according to World language Program Coordinator Jennifer Aguzzi. There are three international trips being offered this year: 

DHHS Students at Machu Pichu

International Travel Opportunities

Northern Spain: July 15-23, 2020

Poland and Austria: April 3 -11, 2020

Poland and Austria

April 3-11, 2020

Quebec: February 14 -17, 2020


February 14-17, 2020.

Trip highlights include dogsledding, the inspiring ice hotel, the famous Montmorency Falls, delicious French and Quebecois cuisine, and Quebec’s famous winter Carnival.

Quebec Trip Information and Enrollment

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