Career & Technical Education Week

"CTE, The Place to be!" 


The Career & Technical Education (CTE) department has some exciting offerings to tell you about. Take a moment and consider these courses as you complete your sign-ups for next year. 

More detailed descriptions of these courses can be found in the  Program of Studies. 

Do you have an interest in exploring how to run a business, manage people and money? Take courses in the Business Management pathway.

Personal Finance #496, Introduction to Business #462, Accounting #490, Entrepreneurship #463, Marketing #494, Business Law #498

Do you enjoy eating or cooking a variety of different foods? Interested in becoming the next top chef? Take courses in the Restaurant & Food Services Pathway.

Intro to Culinary Arts #574, Creative Cooking #581, International Cuisine #575, Bake Shop #580, Chefs at Hand #576

Do you enjoy taking care of children? Interested in working in the field of education? Take a course in the Education & Training career pathway.

Whole Child #570, Little Hand Nursery School #571, Career Exploration #572, Career Experience #579, Individual and Family Development (UCONN ECE) #578

Do you enjoy making movies and want to pursue a career in media? Take a course in the Broadcasting & Journalism pathway

Intro to TV Studio #544, TV Production #546, Video Journalism (“Tiger Talk”) #550

Do you enjoy building and designing things and are interested in pursuing engineering? Take a course in our Engineering & Technology Pathway

Foundations of Engineering #540, Architectural Design #543, Automotive Technology #533, Materials Processing #521, Computer Integrated  Manufacturing #532, Computer Aided Drafting #541, Robotics Engineering #539

Do you enjoy physically building things based on the designs you create? Take a course in the Manufacturing Pathway. 

Materials Processing #521, Computer Integrated  Manufacturing #532, Computer Aided Drafting #541, Robotics Engineering #539

Or perhaps you are interested in Exploratory Experiences

On Your Own  #562, Video Game Design #551, Criminal Justice #488, Marine Science #379, Interior Design #561, Boat Building #530

Thank you for your time, and we will see you next year in CTE—“The place to be”. 

Mr. Tommaso, Mr. Schultz, Mrs. Rocchio, Mr. Amenta, Mr. Arsenault, Mr. Grenier, Mr. Becker

marine science field trip


hand and jeffrey student


CIM course


interview class
boat building
CIM course
robotics team photo
tiger talk