Claire Hurley Receives CAS Heart of the Arts Award

Senior Claire Hurley is this year’s recipient of the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) “Heart of the Arts” award. The award recognizes a student, adult, or group associated with a school’s arts program who has demonstrated exemplary ‘heart’ – i.e., integrity, citizenship, good character – in the chosen activity.

Claire will now be considered for the National Heart of the Arts award. CAS Director of Student Activities Cherese Miller-Odukwe said Claire was selected as the winner because of her artistic and service accomplishments.

“There is no question that you, Claire, have demonstrated exemplary ‘heart’ in numerous ways,” she said in the acceptance letter to Claire. “Furthermore, your academic standing, service, and positive character traits more than exceed the award’s expectations.”

Claire will be honored at a Virtual CAS Awards ceremony this spring.


Claire Hurley

Claire Hurley's Virtual Art Show

abstract painting with reds, oranges and black swirls
blue abstract sketch
multi-colored collage
abstract depiction of an octopus
abstract art collage
Colorful ink drawing of a man and woman
blue and gold collage
painting of flowers in bloom in a field
collage made with clippings from novels
collage with face and bits of broken CDs