Class of 2021 Senior Portrait Information

Hello Seniors!

If you have not already done so, please sign up for your pictures at or by calling (800) 426-9533.  You do not need any special code and can just follow the directions on the website. You must make/confirm your appointment in advance.  No walk-ins will be permitted. We have the following dates scheduled:

September 1-2   3pm-8pm

October 19-21   3pm-8pm 

The pictures will be taken on the Bridge. Students should only enter the building using the doors under the bridge (where buses line up) on the DAH side of the building. You should not enter the building before your scheduled time so as to maintain proper social distancing.  Please be sure to wear your mask upon entering the building. You will be directed to remove it for pictures. Sanitation measures will be taken in the photography areas. Please note, the yearbook does not use the cap and gown photo, so we suggest you only take one using those props if you wish to purchase it.  The yearbook photo must have the blue background. 

If you have not already had your picture taken, please make every attempt to schedule an appointment during one of these two sessions, as these may be your last options for your portrait. We have had to coordinate with the company (and their limited availability due to the virus) to get enough portrait sessions that that every senior who wants his/her picture taken can do so, and we now have enough sessions to cover the senior class. 

Contact Mr. Young or Ms. Johnson with any questions.