Computer Integrated Manufacturing Course Launched at DHHS

February 28, 2020 - This trimester a new course premiered at Daniel Hand High School in the Career and Technology Education (CTE) department: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

In CIM, students are working through three unique units (3D Scanning & Rapid Prototyping, CNC Mill & Rapid Prototyping, and Robotics & Automation) that will come together in an all-encompassing performance based assessment. For each module, students work collaboratively at their own pace and follow a guided instructional tutorial.

Teacher Luke Arsenault said students spend a few weeks in each module before rotating to another. He said there is a small Performance Based Assessment at the end of each module that include things like creating chess pieces and creating a wax crayon mold prototype.      

Mr. Arsenault said the class is going very well and he is looking forward to seeing the students attempt the final project.

“The final is a combination of every skill and they are going to try and create a kiosk for the library that will automatically clean your iPhone,” he said. “So they are going to have to use the CNC to create a holder for the phone and then they will have to 3D print a holder for the cleaner and then they are going to have to program the robot to move the cleaner over the surface of the phone. If they can manage it will be really cool but it will also be a little PR for the class so that other students can see what we do.”     

CTE program Coordinator Dan Grenier said his department is looking to add a manufacturing pathway to the course of studies at DHHS soon and the district is currently applying for a Supplemental Enhancement Grant from the state for the development of the manufacturing pathway.

 “We are going to try and focus on the automation and what they call mechatronics which is typically the machinery you see in automobile commercials,” he said. “We are trying to develop some opportunities for kids to get college credit or pre-approved apprenticeship hours so that is part of our whole development with this pathway.”

Computer Integrated Manufacturing students
students using the tools in Computer Integrated Manufacturing class
mold used in Computer Integrated Manufacturing class
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Course at Daniel Hand High School
students working in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Course
3D printed Chess pieces created by students in Computer Integrated Manufacturing class