Daniel Hand High School’s 2020 CABE Student Leadership Awards

Danial Hand High School (DHHS) students Jacqueline Sandor and Isaac Lerner were named the 2020 CABE Student Leadership Award winners at the high school level for the district. The awards program, presented annually by the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) is a program designed to honor students who exhibit exemplary leadership skills. Both students were recognized at the Board of Education meeting on May 19. Remarks made about each student by DHHS Principal Anthony Salutari Jr. can be read in full below. 


Jacqueline Sandor

photo of Sandor


A quick review of Jacqueline’s transcript will certainly confirm that she is an outstanding student. Taking the easy road has never been an option for Jacqueline as her schedule has always been filled with honors and AP courses. She genuinely enjoys these challenging courses and has excelled academically due to her high level of confidence, organization, and growth mindset. Jacqueline works hard every day with a relentless focus that ensures ongoing improvement. Jacqueline thrives when presented with challenging situations. Her teachers view her as a leader in the classroom and as a role model, who has the ability to make everyone around her better.

In addition to her incredible academic success, Jacqueline is an accomplished student-athlete. She is a member of the field hockey and ice hockey teams. Due to her work ethic, commitment to the team, and level of support she provides her peers, Jacqueline was named Captain of the field hockey team. Her leadership on and off the field was evident while serving in this important role, and led to notable individual and team success. Outside of school activities, Jacqueline clearly values giving back to the community. She is an active member of Habitat for Humanity taking great pride in building homes for those in need. She is also a member of Girls Coach Girls Run where she supports girls while they train for local 5K races. Jacqueline has also been able to find the time to serve as a legislative advocate for the CT Nurses Association and plans to enter the health care field later in life. Finally, at the school level, Jacqueline is an important member of our Robotics Club where she is in charge of outreach and repairing mechanical issues with our robots. It goes without saying the Jacqueline is a well-rounded young adult. Due to the high level of respect she has earned at the Daniel Hand High School, she was selected to serve as a student representative for the Board of Education for the past two years. No matter the role, Jacqueline represents our school with great pride and respect.

Jacqueline is a natural born leader. She is goal oriented, friendly, independent, and driven to be successful. She is always willing to help someone in need due to a level of kindness atypical of people in her age group. Her pleasant personality allows her to interact seamlessly with people of all ages. She is truly a special young lady and well-deserving of this recognition.

Isaac Lerner

photo of Lerner


Isaac’s teachers appreciate his active participation in classroom discussions and value the fact that he never, “sits on the sideline”. He is confident when dealing with difficult material and situations and he takes ownership of his learning by acknowledging when he may not understand the material. In these cases, he takes initiative and is a wonderful self-advocate. A noteworthy trait of Isaac’s is his willingness to help anyone at any time. His unselfishness by putting others before his own needs is honorable.

Isaac has always enrolled in challenging courses that will prepare him to be successful in the college environment and beyond. Over the years, he has added more and more challenging courses to his schedule. He has found Honors Chemistry to be particularly interesting due to its relatability to the real world. Isaac’s ability to listen carefully and absorb and process information quickly allows him to be very successful in all the courses he has taken.

Outside of the classroom, Isaac participates in a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Within each of the organizations he is committed to, Isaac strives to obtain leadership roles and always betters the group. Leadership skills are an innate part of Isaac’s personality. Peers and adults are drawn to his quiet confidence and calming personality. Many of his leisurely activities are centered on serving the community and helping others. A few outstanding activities Isaac is involved in include; being a cadet in the Civil Air patrol with the rank of staff sergeant, being a member of the North Madison Volunteer Fire, and being a student representative of the Madison Bike and Pedestrian Advisory committee. Isaac is also a member of the DHHS cross country and indoor and outdoor track teams, as well as a member of our impressive DHHS band.

Isaac is a sincere, determined, and intellectual young man. His ability to remain grounded in his strong values and morals, no matter the opinions of others, is noteworthy. Isaac is committed to being successful and to ensuring that he has a positive impact on those around him. His level of maturity and compassion truly stand out among his peers. Isaac is in tune with his surroundings and he is truly a caring citizen of the world. He is most certainly deserving of this special recognition.