DHHS Grade 10 Students Honored with PTO Awards

January 24, 2020 - A select group of Daniel Hand High School (DHHS) sophomores started their morning with an awards ceremony. Eighteen Grade 10 students received a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) award for their academic efforts. Students are selected for the award based on the following criteria: outstanding achievement, interest, dedication, and/or improvement in a particular subject area.  

Principal T.J. Salutari Jr., Assistant Superintendent Gail Dahling-Hench, and Assistant Principal Melanie Whitcher presented the awards.

“It’s an honor to be selected,” Mr. Salutari told students.

Students honored this trimester are as follows:

Sydney Aboulian (Science), Stephen Boretsky (Band), William Conroy (Science), Declan DiProspero (World Language), Sofia Ferrucci (English), Brandon Gioeli (Art), Maximo Gulla (World Language), Aeneas Huy (Mathematics and Chorus), Jonathan Issac (Physical Education), Emma Kobelia (Health), Sydney McMullen (Chorus), Emma Merkle-Scott (Band), Ethan O’Brien (Social Studies), Brigid O’Keefe (Social Studies), Timothy Perez (Mathematics), Liliana Salazar (Art), Isabelle Vageli (Band), and Shirley Zullo (English).

DHHS 10th grade students were honored with PTO awards