DHHS Grade 9 Students Honored with PTO Awards

January 15, 2020 - A select group of Daniel Hand High School (DHHS) freshman started their morning today with an awards ceremony. Sixteen Grade 9 students received a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) award for their academic efforts. Students are selected for the award based on the following criteria: outstanding achievement, interest, dedication, and/or improvement in a particular subject area.  

Assistant Principals Brian Bodner and Melanie Whitcher presented the awards. Mr. Bodner said students should be very proud of this accomplishment.

“Every trimester our PTO works together to identify students who are working hard and doing great work in our subject areas throughout the school,” he said. “All of you are here because you are receiving a PTO award but it also means- and this is something that you should take great pride in – your classroom teacher felt strongly enough about the work that you are doing that they nominated you to the department and explained why they thought you are deserving of an award.” 

Students honored this trimester are as follows:

Quinlan Brohel (Science), Collin Cataldo (Band), Julia Dougherty (Social Studies), Brooke Istishin (Orchestra), Aiden Mader (Art), Jack McDevitt (Science), Brynn McKeown (World Language), Maci Pellegrino (Physical Education), Sammual Sisk (Physical Education), Sylvia Sonenstein (Art), Eloise Strabley (World Language), Valerie Thompson (English), Ryan Xeller (Mathematics)

Not Present: Jackson Milius (Mathematics), James Taylor (Social Studies), Nicholas Valentine (Band)

9th grade students honored with PTO Awards January 2020