DHHS Students Participate in Say Something Week

Last week the Daniel Hand High School community participated in Say Something week. Say Something is a program offered by the Sandy Hook Promise, which educates students on how to identify the warning signs, act immediately and Say Something to a trusted adult to get help for individuals before they hurt themselves or others.

Throughout the week, students learned how to identify warning signs of someone at risk of hurting themselves or others during their PAW lessons and wore green to show support of the Say Something program and pledge. Students also took the opportunity to sign a green star, publicly acknowledging that they had signed the Sandy Hook Promise Pledge. The stars are displayed in the building as a reminder of our commitment to the pledge and each other. The pledge reads:

I promise to…                                                                                                      

1)     Look for Warning Signs, Signals & Threats

2)     Act Immediately. Take it seriously.

3)     Say Something to a Trusted Adult to help CREATE a SAFER, HEALTHIER school.

students sign the say something pledge

Students sign the Sandy Hook Promise Pledge during their lunch period.