DHHS Students Present Independent Projects

January 8, 2020 - At the end of the trimester before the holiday break, a handful of Daniel Hand High School students had some rather unique final exams to take. Rather than take a test, the 12 students in the Independent Project class gave presentations to peers and teachers, presentations that highlighted a trimesters worth of work on a topic of their choosing.

This elective is unlike any other course offered at DHHS because nearly all of the work is completed independently, though students have the support of an instructor (Mr. Mike Kiefer) and their classmates to help them through challenges. The purpose of the Independent Project is to help students become more independent, develop perseverance, become better critical and creative thinkers, and help them better plan their futures. In this course, students complete an approved project of their own design, investigating a topic that is both interesting and challenging. Students then investigate an issue or an idea related to this topic, sharing the knowledge, skills, and insight gained from the exploration of resources with the instructor. In the end, students create a product that showcases their chosen criteria and then share this product with a panel.

This year’s presentations included: Architecture & Design: Are Tiny Houses a Solution for Affordable Housing, Crafting a Fantasy Novel, Culinary Arts: Food Blog, Enhancing the Role of Student Managers for DHHS Athletics, Photography: Starting a Conversation about Teen Mental Health Issues, Immigration Documentary: Living Undocumented, The Stigma of Mental health Issues and LGBT Rights in South Korea, Entrepreneurship: love Me lashes, Fixing our Democracy: Amending Our Constitution, Improving the Lives and Health of Adults with Disabilities, An Exploration of Music Therapy, and Documentary: What We Can Learn from the Greatest Generation through One Man’s Story.     

Independent Project components are scored Pass/Fail using corresponding rubrics. This type of project is increasingly popular nation-wide; consequently, colleges and universities are accustomed to seeing Pass/Fail grades for similar courses.

Take a look at a selection of Fall 2019 projects here:

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