Intro to Business Students Explore Entrepreneurship


Students in the Introduction to Business class recently did some research on an entrepreneur and then wrote a business letter to the entrepreneur. In the letter, students share what they liked or were impressed by in the company and shared some of the information they learned while doing their research. This week, one student received a response from the business she contacted - Ultima Replenisher.  Lola received a hand-written note from the company a box full of product and a water bottle.  Thanks Ultima!

Introduction to Business is designed to introduce students to different disciplines of business so that one can learn to be an effective business leader. Students explore and discuss business topics related to marketing, international business, accounting, business law, and entrepreneurship. Students develop personal business skills such as time management, professional growth, and communication. Students learn to leverage a variety of technology for efficient business use.

Lola holds up swag she received