Marine Science and Technology

This week the Daniel Hand High School (DHHS) Marine Science and Technology class – an interdisciplinary course combining Science and CTE – headed down to Seaview Beach for some hands-on learning.

Students surveyed a steamer bed to measure the population of steamer clams. Data was collected and will now be shared with the Shellfish Commission that monitors the area to help determine if the beds can be opened next season or if some other intervention is needed.

“Students are being exposed to environmental issues and ultimately seeking to propose solutions to those problems through an independent project,” said teacher Michael Docker. Docker has co-taught the course with Bryan Amenta for the last 15 years and both teachers say this course is a great way to bring their love of Long Island Sound to the classroom.    

Throughout the course, student will explore the marine environment, examine the chemical, biological and geological properties of the sea as well as all stages of aquaculture based careers from boatbuilding and trapping to farming and maintenance of organisms. Boat construction, fishing rod building, physical, chemical, and ecosystem studies related to oceanography are part of this “hands on” course. Select field trips support the curriculum and provide school to career practical experience. 

DHHS Students Visit Seaview Beach
Daniel Hand High School students take their Marine Science class at the beach
High School students learning at the beach
High School learning happens at the beach