Tiger Tracks

DHHS Celebrates another Year of Tiger Tracks

2019 was another successful year for Tiger Tracks, the buddy Track and Field program for K-6 special needs kids. Program leader Daniel hand High School (DHHS) junior Keelin Virgulto recently presented Principal Anthony Salutari Jr. with plaque celebrating last year’s track match.   

The Tiger Tracks program last three days—the first two days are for practice and instruction and the last day will be a non-competitive track meet for participants. Buddies and coaches help with instruction and demonstration and the last day will be similar to a traditional track meet with events like the 4x100 relay and the long jump.

Keelin’s older sister, Ashlinn founded the program in 2016 and Keelin picked up running the program once her sister graduated. The program will take place again this spring.

“I really hope to expand the program and get more people – participants and volunteers- involved,” she said.    

Roughly 35 high school students volunteered for the program last year. Participation as an athlete or volunteer in Tiger Tracks doesn’t exclude individuals from participating in other programs such as Unified Sports.

Principal Salutari accepted the plaque, which he keeps in his office. He said he likes to keep the photo reminder of the wonderful program where he can always see it.  

“Everyone is having fun and the kids just love it,” he said of Tiger Tracks. “It’s not often you go to an event and see everyone smiling.” 

Keelin Virgulto presents Mr. Salutari a plaque for Tiger Tracks
Mr. Salutari and Keelin shake hands