Trimester 2 Helping Hands Recipients Recognized

June 3, 2022 

Today a select group of students received the Trimester 2 Helping Hands Certificate of Recognition. Helping Hands is an award given to students as a way of recognizing individual efforts to positively impact the school community. Students are nominated by fellow students, faculty and staff.

The certificate reads: “Daniel Hand High School wants to recognize your efforts for impacting our school community in a significant way. Recently, a member of our school community witnessed your selfless contributions to positively impact the lives of those around you. It is because of people like you that Hand is such a great place to learn and work.”

Grade 9

Grade 9 helping hands

Margaret French, Noah Izzo, Noelle Soja 

Grade 11

Grade 11 Helping hands winners

Jonathan Ciarcia, Walsh Gobleck, Louie Vargas-Estevez, Lucy Fritzinger, Michelle Jiang    

Grade 10

Grade 10 helping Hands

Ava Millen, Edward Rizzo III, Lily Paine, Benjamin Lizondro

Grade 12

Grade 12 Helping Hands winners

Ella Skonieczny, Ryan Knight, Evan Mastrobattisto