Essays Class of 2027

Ava Aboulian

Hi, my name is Ava. I would love to have this position because of my interest in being more involved with DHHS. I would love to advocate for the student body but if people disagree I won't give up. I am willing to listen and talk when needed and wanted. Creating new ideas constantly and hearing other people out. I would love to work with other people in the student body and meet new people. In conclusion, being in this position and working together will be an amazing opportunity that I would love to experience.

Lena Aguzzi

I will be a good fit for a Class Officer because I like to plan and organize events. I like it when things are done well, planned logically, and neat, which will be important for fundraising events as well as the class events that this group will plan. Organization is a strength of mine, and I am able to work well with others and follow through on tasks that are assigned to me. Once someone gives me guidelines for a project, I am good at listening to what they have to say and adding on my own thoughts and ideas. My organization, leadership, and communication skills will be an asset to planning realistic and successful fundraising events so that we can have fun junior and senior class events. For these reasons, I would greatly appreciate it if you voted for me to be a class officer.

Ella Bodner

Hi, Class of 2027, I am Ella Bodner, a current class officer for the class of 27’. I found being a class officer this past year an absolute privilege, and it would be a great honor if I could continue to represent the class of 2027 throughout our sophomore year. I have worked my hardest this year to address any concerns of students, I provide constant feedback, fundraise for special events, and continue to do this all next year. I hope you can consider me again for the role as I will do everything in my power to make our years at Hand as enjoyable as possible!

James Boyd

The class of 2027 needs strong class officers who make their experience at Hand more enjoyable and entertaining. If I am elected, I will aim to do just that, fulfilling the will of the students and listening to their opinions rather than making all the decisions myself. I will not shy away from hard work. Instead, I will do my part to organize class events and fundraisers. Although being a class officer will undoubtedly be an arduous task, I excel at persevering through hardship. Together with my fellow officers, I will lead the class of 2027 into a new era of creativity, recreation, and enjoyment. I will make Hand great again!

Bridget Kaplan

The opportunity to serve as a voice for our class would be an honor. If elected, I vow to represent our class with pride, by always speaking up. I am passionate about advocating for the interests of my classmates and would approach the opportunity with dedication and a deep sense of responsibility. The growth I have made, and continue to make as an individual, inspires me to help guide others to reach their own potential. I will fulfill the position by informing my peers on any upcoming events, and extracurriculars that have the ability to unite our class. I believe in maturely, and respectfully conversing with faculty as equals, with a genuine desire to collaborate for the betterment of our school community. My aspiration as a class officer would be to foster a collaborative environment where all perspectives are valued, allowing us to continue to grow as the class of 2027.

Caroline Keating

As I have gotten to experience what it is like to hold a class officer position, I have learned that it takes a lot of work and brainstorming, individually and in groups, to be able to help our grade and, as a whole, our school. If I get the chance to serve as a class officer next year, I plan to work very hard to raise money for bigger events so our class can get the best high school experience possible. I have enjoyed spending my time assisting different clubs over the years to give back to the community. During my freshman year, I served on the committee of class officers, and I assisted the Yearbook Club in creating the yearbook. I will continue to help our school in as many ways as I can. I hope you will consider voting for me to be one of your class officers.

Ryan Mason

Hello, my name is Ryan Mason and I am running for Class Officer for the Class of 2027. As we enter our Sophomore year, I want to ensure our class has the best remaining 3 years Daniel Hand has to offer. What exciting things do you want to be involved in? What events or fundraisers would you like to see happen? What concerns do you have? How can our class of 2027 leave our mark at Hand? I am open to listening to all your ideas to make our time at Hand memorable. Whether it’s organizing, planning, or managing I would like to embrace my leadership skills to the fullest. I am willing to demonstrate my social, physical, and academic skills to fulfill this role as Class Officer. Thank you for considering my candidacy as your class representative.

Rachel McCartney

I would be thrilled to be elected as one of the class officers for the class of 2027.  I am interested in running for this position as I aspire to contribute towards creating a positive impact on our high school. I believe that it is crucial to have an enjoyable and memorable high school experience. As a resilient individual, I will ensure that every individual's opinions are valued and heard. I will also be able to have a major impact on our school because I am determined and decisive. I am committed to dedicating as much time and effort as needed to achieve goals for our school. I will also make effective decisions for our class while considering everyone's opinions. I believe that I have the necessary skills and qualifications to fulfill the role and make a valuable contribution to the school's student body. Thank you for considering my application.

Lincoln Miller

Hi, I'm Lincoln Miller in the class of 2027 and I am running for class officer next year. I am very involved with school activities such as the Hand Print (newspaper) club, Model UN, and the pickleball club, which you should join. I'm good at organizing events and fundraisers and have helped my church with them. With leadership and responsibility in clubs and other extracurriculars, I have the experience to make the best decisions possible for our class. As an officer, I would boost the school spirit by organizing pep rallies and other fun school activities for you to enjoy. Vote for me and we can leave a positive impact on our school.

Neala O'Dea

Hello, my name is Neala O'Dea and I think I would be a great candidate for the 2027 class officers. As a class officer, I will engage the student body as a whole. I will do everything in my power to ensure that your voice, requests, or complaints are heard and hopefully met and/or resolved. I will strive to make the next three years at Daniel Hand fun and memorable. For example, in eighth grade, I led a committee that organized the end-of-year pep rally and Emceed the event at Polson Middle School. I have a lot of experience to bring to the table for student body government due to participating in a variety of numerous activities. My engagement has taught me to work effectively with all sorts of peers from sports (being on the DHHS lacrosse team), to the arts (being an active member of Vibe), and also as a volunteer in our community at Madison Youth and Family Services. As a freshman, I have maintained honor roll status and take pride in enrolling in high-level classes. I will continue to do that to challenge myself to be the best version of myself I can be and offer our class. I hope to make our class the best that Daniel Hand has ever seen! It would be an honor and privilege to serve as an officer for the class of 2027.

Kate Rizzo

I am Kate Rizzo and as a current class officer, I am excited about the opportunity to serve the class of 2027 next year. Over the past year, the class officers and administrators have been working to help ensure our student body had a great year. Your freshman class officers and I have helped to create an environment that will make our high school experience an unforgettable one. We have started planning for our junior prom and have created effective fundraiser ideas. I plan to keep promoting class unity, organizing memorable events, and addressing our collective needs. I can assure you that I am dedicated to making sure everyone’s voices and opinions are valued. I’d like to continue to help my class of 2027 as a sophomore. I am confident that with the experience I have gained, I can deliver great results for the upcoming year.

Owen Scheps

Being a leader for others in the student body is one of my goals during my 4 years at Daniel Hand High School. Growing up with five siblings has taught me how to be a responsible role model for others. This leadership has influenced other activities and extracurriculars such as my role in the Peer Helpers program, being an active athlete on my football and lacrosse teams, and assisting with coaching youth lacrosse and football. The qualities that will drive me toward being a successful class officer include my communication skills, my willingness to consider other opinions, and my motivation for growth and improvement in our school community. I assure my classmates that I will devote time to this position. I hope to represent the Class of 2027 and I promise to lead with honesty and integrity if I am elected.

Catherine Schneider

I would be honored to be reelected for the Class of 2027 class officers. I loved the experience this past year and I feel that I have much unfinished work for the next year such as continuing to plan the prom and participating in many fundraisers for our class. I learned so much in working with peers to plan events for our class and am excited to hopefully do so again. I am proud to have been chosen to be a Peer Advocate for this year as well and the training was a great experience. I hope to bring my Peer Advocate knowledge to my position as a class officer. I have also been a part of many leadership groups such as Girls Leadership. I managed my schedule well while playing a sport every season. I consider myself to be a fun, well-rounded person and am a very good planner.

Wilson Walker

My name is Wilson Walker and I am running for Class Officer for the Class of 2027. I hope to continue my leadership role at Daniel Hand and help organize school events, fundraisers and ways to improve the student experience through this position. With three years left of high school, my goal is to collaborate with others and bring fresh ideas to the table. I'm able to listen to others, respect different opinions, and bring a positive attitude. I hope this persuaded you to vote for me and allow me to represent our class in student leadership.

Chloe Wiesbrock

Summer’s almost here! As one of your class officers this past year, we have worked together to sell lollipops and plan our junior and senior proms, all while organizing fundraisers for next year. Our goal is to raise money in order to participate in fun activities when we are upperclassmen.  Everyone has something important to say, and as one of your class officers, I will work hard to ensure that each person's voice is heard. I am grateful for the opportunity to be one of our class officers this year and would be honored to represent our class again.