Essays Class of 2023

Audrey Anselmo

The position of class officer for me is not just an opportunity to collaborate with my peers, but to help my community function positively and efficiently. Throughout the school year, we have been trying to regain normalcy by allowing attendance at sporting events, lifting the mask mandate, and having assemblies again. I feel passionate about helping our school community continue to strive for normalcy this coming year in the safest way possible so that our class can enjoy our senior year. Through working as a chairwoman for a non-profit organization, counselor, and soup kitchen volunteer, I have developed strong communication, cooperation, and leadership skills. Using these skills, I will listen to my classmates because a cohesive school environment utilizes everyone's individuality. I would be honored to represent the Class of 2023 as I would advocate for my peers while working to create the best possible community for individual flourishment.

Alvaro Correa

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” Abraham Lincoln said this, and it fits him well. He ended the Civil War and abolished slavery, things he never could have done without always moving forward. Of course, moving forward is not everything, for one must do so carefully and strategically. For this, taking time is essential, for no good decision is rushed. I differ from Lincoln in the sense that I do not walk slow. I cannot sit still when there are things to be done. I get things done, no matter the cost, no matter the time it takes. I learned long ago that overthinking can lead to negative outcomes, which is why I would rather jog, or even run than walk. I am not Lincoln, which is why I cannot be slow when there are things to be done to help in my community.

Sophia Dunn

I would like to hold a position as class officer not only for the opportunity and experience, but also for the challenge. For every single year of my high school career, covid has interrupted regular activities and social events. By the time of next year, and looking at the progress the school has safely made this year, my hopes are high that by the time I am a senior the school year will be close to back to normal. I would like to take that opportunity and turn it into a year filled with fun experiences for all staff and students. I am prepared to be an outspoken representative for the student body as well as a reasonable and responsible class officer. I'm not afraid of hard work and taking time out of my schedule to focus on bettering our school's environment. I hope to hold a position as class officer as not only a fun and serious job, but also as a privilege and learning experience. 

Anna Flanagan

The Daniel Hand community has done so much for me and I am so thankful for the gifts and opportunities I have recieved. But I know that’s not the case for everyone. I know the four years of high school can be the most challenging time for a lot of peoples’ lives. I want to change this. As a class officer, I want to work to help improve the high school experience of every student at Hand. I would be so thankful and honored to have the opportunity to share my opinions to improve our school and improve the lives of our fellow peers. For the class of 2023, this is our last year in highschool and I want to ensure that every student has the best experience possible. I hope to organize fun school activities, effective support systems, and be a friendly face to everyone.

Lily Fried

I am very interested in becoming a class officer because I love helping people and giving back to the community. I love the foundation of this group and how it is a place where people come together and brainstorm ideas to improve life at school. This group is something I really want to be a part of and contribute to because I think everyone has a lot going on; from schoolwork, to friends, to sports, or family - working to improve aspects of our school's community can only bring positivity into people's lives. Being an active member of this group gives me a chance to meet and collaborate with new people with the end goal of making school an enjoyable environment for everyone. This is something I am really passionate about and therefore feel I would be a good fit for this position. Thank you for the consideration!! 

Walsh Gobleck

As our junior year comes to an end and we prepare for our high school finally next year, it is incredible to see how our Daniel Hand community has grown over the past year considering that this has been our first ‘normal’ year of high school. Through our shoe drives, fundraisers, and behind the scene planning, the student officers have worked as hard as we could to make up for our partial absence in the past years. I know that this year I felt a drive to ensure that our class would have an incredible junior prom, as well as adequately prepare for our senior year activities like the senior picnic, senior prom, and much more! As a self-motivated student at Hand, I am determined to continue to work to hear the student body and meet the requests of my fellow peers through my position as a student officer.

Michelle Jiang

Entering our third year of high school, we have the ability to influence Daniel Hand High School for the next couple of years. We have the opportunity to improve, change, and evolve our community. It’s not about what I could do, but what we can do. A Class Officers job isn’t just to put forth their ideas, but the ideas of all the people around them. I want to create an environment when student voices are heard and considered. I want to use your voices to create new activities, opportunities, events, and more. I strive for a positive change in not just our school, but the world. I have acquired leadership skills that I will apply to my role as Class Officer. I am passionate, organized, and committed to putting your needs before my own. I would be honored to be a Class Officer and represent your voices.

Ned Jobson

I want to hold a position as a Class Officer so I can speak for myself and my classmates on topics that are important to us. I am responsible within leadership positions, and I make sure to consider any idea or recommendation people have. Having spent multiple years at Hand now, I have been able to realize what I, and other kids in the school, enjoy most, and what we could improve on or change. Whether it is organizing a school wide fundraiser, school spirit days, or a big event such as senior prom, I believe that I could help create very positive conditions within Daniel Hand. It has become obvious to me that keeping school organized and as entertaining as possible is very important to many of my classmates, and I think I could do a good job at leading projects to promote this.

Kiran Pathy

Three years of being a class officer representing the Class of 2023 has been an incredible experience, one that has especially instilled in me the value of leadership. Leaders are people who do not back down from challenges. They face obstacles head on. They want to take charge. Through sports, I have learned the value of not only leading by example, but by listening to others and the added expertise that other perspectives can bring to the table. Through academics, taking responsibility for myself and encouraging others to reach their maximum potential creates a successful atmosphere. From running a business, I have learned that both keeping an open mind and taking risks are invaluable to sustained success. Open to listening to all voices and ready to close out high school on a high note, I will proudly represent our Class of 2023 in the best way possible.

Valerie Thompson

The leaders in my life have consisted of different contents of character, but they all share one quality in common: devotion to their work and community, regardless of the impact their service has made. These influences have guided me to nurture that same passion for service and leadership. For the past 4 years I have worked in several leadership positions in community service groups. Through these experiences I have been given the opportunity to enrich young leaders that look up to me, hear the needs of others, and empower voices to create tangible change in the community. I am eager to forward my abilities to the student leadership group. I am a well-rounded person with a variety of interests, giving me the ability to connect with a diverse range of students and ensure that every voice is heard and represented in initiatives to improve our Hand community. Covid has presented many challenges in holding fundraising events and school-wide activities, during these past couple of years I have brainstormed a pool of ideas for raising money towards making senior events next year fun and affordable for all students. Despite Covid’s restrictions, student leadership has implemented sucessful changes such as Wellness Wednesday. I care very deeply about the wellbeing of my peers and would love to work with the board to create more student support and mental health awareness resources. Cheers to a great senior year!

Trent Wiles

Since arriving at Hand, I have strived to improve the school community, whether this is in the classroom, clubs, or on the court. As a team member of Roots and a Peer Advocate co-leader, I have worked to improve the school’s climate along with making the school a more inclusive and welcoming environment. I may be a quiet leader, but I am considerate and caring, and will always take time to listen to my peers. I am kind and I try to find the humor in all that I do to lighten the mood, yet I can be serious and dedicated when necessary. As a class officer, I will endeavor to represent each and every student and make good decisions on their behalf. And if you are reading this, you certainly have a special place in my heart, so please vote for me.