Essays Class of 2024

Eli Ackerman

I would like to hold a position of class officer for the class of 2024 because I feel like I am trusted and respected by a lot of people in my grade and the school. I think my network of people is very large and diverse because of the fact that I participate in sports and clubs. I also would like to hold a position because I feel that I truly care about the betterment of my school and I feel like I have ideas that can help with that improvement. I’ve already served this role this prior year and I feel like I’ve gotten experience with ways to raise money for the school which is one of the primary responsibilities of the class officers. I feel like I’m a good choice for class officer because I’ve been in many leadership positions and will be very comfortable in this role.

Dillon DiProspero

I hope to become a 2024 Class Officer because I believe that I am the best representative of the interests of our class. I also think that I have the right characteristics for the position such as communication and honesty. Student leadership is an important part of the school and I do not
take the prospect of joining it lightly. I'm thrilled to offer my insight into making next school year the best yet. I will learn so much from the position and use that knowledge to help the class of 2024.

Gus Hodge

Hello sophomores! I am running to be re-elected for a class officer position representing our grade throughout the 2022 - 2023 school year. Our high school experience so far has been both unique and challenging. But, we have managed to make the best of it despite that, especially on
the leadership front. As a class officer I have been able to help make our school a better place and ease the transitions of “Covid Learning.” In addition, I have brainstormed how to make freshman orientation better for incoming classes, plan inaugural events such as the Spring Fling,
and fundraise for our class. Some of my strengths which align with this position include being a charismatic, detail-oriented, effective advocate. I would be honored to serve another consecutive year of leadership in our school community, helping the Class of 2024 become the best it can be.
Thank you for your support!

Matt Kasper

I would make a good class officer because I want the members of the student body, especially within our class, to be not only heard, but well represented. As a student athlete who works hard in both the classroom and at my sport, I feel that I can represent the class from both an academic and athletic perspective, making me a well rounded candidate. I am willing to listen to those who would like to share input about what they think can be improved within their lives as students here at Daniel Hand. As a returning Class Officer, I believe that I did well last year in attending meetings and offering thoughtful input when I thought it would be beneficial. Now, I
want to be even more involved in learning from the student body and sharing that information, so that everyone who wants a voice may get one.

Kelly Kilbourn

Hi! My name is Kelly Kilbourn and I want to be your class officer. Our grade was impacted so much by Covid and hopefully our junior year is the year we can finally get back to normal. I want to be a class officer to make the school community more enjoyable for all students through fun events and activities. Now that we can finally get back together without masks on, it would be great to add more events and experiences that were lost to us, such as school dances or pep rallies. Oftentimes events are adult based and don’t really match what actual students want, which is something I would like to change as a class officer. I also would like to set goals and fundraisers in the benefit of our class and our community. I hope you will consider voting me for class officer.  

Elliot Lee

I would like to hold a position as a Class Officer for Daniel Hand High school to be a part in creating and planning school events. I am interested in creating events that our class can take part in such as end of the year celebrations. These events help bring the community together, and I hope to offer this opportunity to other students. Although we hosted events this year, many were still restricted with limitations like social distancing. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as class officers, to guarantee that next year will have many more events than last year. I feel that my peers would respect my ideas for future events. The main goal when facing a disagreement is to be supportive and respectful, as teamwork is key. The Class Officer is a job for a hard-working and diligent student; I believe that I can live up to the position.

Milly Marcous

I’m Milly Marcous and I would love to return as a class officer next year. I believe in advocating for mental health and a positive school environment. As a two-sport athlete, a peer advocate, and a friend to many I think I could represent people from a variety of social groups and act in all of our interests. Most of the people running our school haven't been teenagers for a long time, and don't always know what we need. Listening to the student body and acting on our concerns could improve our enjoyment and motivation so much! School events like pep rallies and dances are very important, but I also think that adding something like a field day to get
outside would be amazing! I have the motivation and responsibility to get things done, and I know I’d be a great addition to our class counsel.

Trip Rizzo

Hello fellow peers of Daniel Hand Highschool. I would be honored to be able to call myself a class officer for three years straight. I want to build off of the success and hard work that these last two years have provided. More importantly as a class, we are coming up on junior year. I know this year can be the most challenging for many and I want to help work with our school’s
staff in order to help make it as easy as possible. I will make sure every voice is heard, whether it is a new food in the cafeteria or if it is giving an extra fifteen minutes between exams. I will give us an amazing prom, even if it involves lots of fundraising. I am willing to sacrifice my time to help make our junior year one to remember.

Norah Stotz

I would love to be elected as a class officer for next year. Having worked in this position before, I know I have the skills necessary to be an effective officer. I think I would thrive in this position because I am good at listening and communication, am motivated, and have both succeeded in and enjoyed past leadership positions, including two years of student council experience. It would be my honor to be reelected as a class officer and represent our grade. I’m looking forward to another amazing year with you guys!

Christinana Thoune

Hello! My name is Christinana Thoune. I would like to be a class officer for the upcoming school year. I believe that I would bring an arrangement of leadership skills to the group as well as fun new fundraisers and ideas for the class of 2024! With previous experience in leadership within school, vibe, peer advocates, summer camps, I think I would be a great addition to the group. Throughout the next year I would love to help the class of 2024 in any way possible. Let's make Junior year a great one!

Jack Tompkins

Some of my peers in the class of 2024 are probably thinking, “is Jack Tompkins seriously running for class officer?”. Or, “what does Jack bring to the table?”. Growing up, it was always a dream of mine to represent a large body of people in government. I see myself as a man who is honest, trustworthy, conscientious, and diligent. Although I am nowhere near perfect, I know I will be the best man I can be for the class of 2024 and the Daniel Hand staff. My past experiences have helped me a lot throughout my whole life. I am someone who will do whatever I can to satisfy someone else's needs. I am open-minded and willing to talk to any student who
needs assistance or just someone to chat with. I am currently a part of the Daniel Hand Football, Basketball, and Track & Field teams. My on the field experiences have helped me shape into the man I am today. I always listen to my coaches and teammates for advice so I can try to become the best man I can personally be. I always bring enthusiasm and positivity to the field no matter how I am feeling. I feel like this translates to the classroom at Hand as well. I am always excited to learn and grow. I am very personable and never afraid to crack jokes to lighten up a mood. I believe I am the best candidate for the class officer position. As class officer, I would present more fun events and activities for students. During your free periods I will provide more games like cornhole, badminton, and dodgeball. I want to also attempt to bring back the couches on the senior bridge. I will also help solve problems for all of my students' needs. I will request that the tent-heaters in the courtyard be kept out longer so we can stay warm outside. I will also
help take care of bug/insect problems around the school. Even though I was not a class officer, last fall I brought attention to the wasp problem that occurred in the courtyard. I also let the main office know about the dangerous and broken lunch chairs, and the rock throwers of T1 Lunch 3B. I will do anything in my power to secure the safety of our students. I will create an environment where all students feel welcome and safe in the Daniel Hand community. I will also plan events and field trips for our class. The last official field trip we had in MPS was Baur Park. How Lame! I will plan trips that our students would enjoy. In the future, I will help find
fun venues for events like prom and homecoming. I also want to attempt to negotiate ticket prices for these events so they are more affordable for everyone. I will simply just get things done for the class of 2024. In conclusion, I hope you will strongly consider voting for me as class officer.

Emily Warner

Hi, It’s Em. The main reason why I’d like to be a class officer is because I’m just like you. Which means that I easily understand what students want that would improve the school environment. To be candid, I show up to school late a lot, I’ve definitely gotten in trouble, and I’m simply not a straight A
student. However, it’s these imperfections that make me a beneficial officer to have. At the end of the day, we’re all a group of kids with the common goal of graduating. I can help make it fun and less dull than it may be. Lastly, I’m a good friend and even better at keeping promises. At my core, I’ve always been a people pleaser and strived to make the world a better place. Whatever you want, I will listen and I promise that it will be achieved.

Madeline Wines

Being a Class-Officer these past two years taught me a lot about fundraising. I organized the Car-Wash, Pancake-Breakfast, and helped with the school-wide fundraiser. These events collectively made almost $2,000. In my Junior year I plan to help raise even more money for things like Junior and Senior prom. I’m part of numerous extracurriculars: Vibe, Encore, Dance-Team, & Flag-Squad. I’m enthusiastic to hear not only what my friends and teammates have to say, but the whole student body. As a Trimester 1 Helping-Hands Recipient, I believe I can lead the school with compassion and diligence. I volunteer weekly at the Women & Family Life Center in Guilford which has taught me communication skills, and problem-solving strategies. I’m a hard worker, Nicki Minaj once said, “Don’t ever be lazy-Work hard, it pays off.”. I care about our grade and helping the school community as a whole, so please vote for me!