Essays Class of 2024

Eli Ackermann

I would like to be a class officer because I think I have some good fundraising ideas that everyone in the class would enjoy. If I was voted into a position as a class officer I would make sure that a student vs. staff basketball game happened. I would also make sure that a karaoke night happens. If either of these fundraisers interests you, vote for me because I’ll make them happen. I’ve been a class officer for the last two years so I understand how to manage a fundraiser and I understand which fundraisers work better than others. Also, if anyone ever has a problem with the school, I’ll always listen to their opinions and transfer those opinions to the administration as I see fit. Please vote for me.

Dillon DiProspero

I hope to continue to be a Class Officer because I want to be an outstanding representative of the interests of our class. I also think that I have the suitable characteristics for the position such as communication and honesty. Student leadership is an important part of the school and I have not taken my position for granted. I continue to work my hardest to improve the lives of my peers. My experiences as a Class Officer have taught me valuable lessons about leadership and teamwork and I have used that knowledge to help the class of 2024.

Gus Hodge

Hello soon-to-be seniors! It seems totally crazy that our final year of High school is already upon us. Once again, I’m running for a Class Officer position to represent our class in the 2023-2024 school year. Although we have had an irregular High School experience, to say the least, I believe next year we can get back to pep-rallies, senior-specific, and all-school events which make the academic year more enjoyable. As in the past and like Junior Prom this year, I will work to plan and ensure these events are the best they can be. I’m a detail-oriented, organized hard worker as well as a team player. I have greatly appreciated serving as a Class Officer for the past three years and would be honored to continue representing and making a difference for the Class of 2024. Thank you for your support and consideration!

Matthew Kasper

I think that I should be elected for the position of Class Officer because of the work I have done over the past two years and the work I will continue to do if given the opportunity. Over the past two years, I have contributed greatly to fundraisers like the Pancake Breakfast, and the Cutest Pet Contest, and I am currently planning for a faculty vs student basketball game that could take place next year if I'm re-elected. I also feel as though I am open to new ideas from the student body, as my main goal is for the school to improve, not through my opinion of it, but as a reflection of those around me, as I want to benefit the greatest number of people possible. I hope to aid anyone who is willing to be heard, as I am willing to listen.

Kelly Kilbourn

Hi! My name is Kelly Kilbourn and I want to be your class officer. Our class has experienced many gaps and limitations as a result of Covid, but we can finally have the idealized senior year. I would like to fill our senior year with enjoyable events and fundraisers to fuel these events- most notably senior prom. As a two-year class officer, I would have the knowledge to be able to help organize events and fundraisers so that they will be the most successful. Some of the events we have accomplished this past year included a pancake breakfast, a car wash, April Animala, and our current pop-up thrift store. I hope you will consider voting for me as one of your 2024 class officers. It would be an honor to help make our last year at Hand the most memorable yet!

Elliot Lee

I would like to hold a position as a Class Officer for Daniel Hand High School, as it would give me the opportunity to gain additional leadership experience. I’ve held this position for the past 2 years, and with my help, we have created and planned many school events, some examples including Junior Prom, Pancake Breakfasts, and April Animal Madness. These events have brought the Daniel Hand community together, and I hope to continue these events with my aid. Being a Class Officer also entails that I would be the voice that connects the student body with the faculty. The connection between the two groups is key to agreement, and amazing new experiences can be created. The Class Officer is a job for a hard-working and diligent student; I believe that I can live up to the position.

Danny McSweeney

I would like to be a member of our Class Council because I believe I’m a good candidate to represent the interests and ideas of my classmates.  As Seniors, we’ll want to do all we can to leave Hand a better school than when we came in as freshmen.  We’ll want our class to be remembered as one of the best that worked well together and had a lasting influence on the classes that follow us.  I have friends from athletics, academics, and arts, and feel I’m good at bringing different types of people together.  This is important if we are going to have a positive impact on our school community in our final year.  If chosen for this position, I will work hard to make next year an unforgettable one for the Class of 2024.

Trip Rizzo

Hello to the future graduating class of 2024. We are becoming seniors. It is absolutely crazy to think that this time next year all of the countless hours studying, playing sports or instruments, dancing, singing, fundraising, spreading awareness, whatever your role at Hand was or will be, will all finally pay off. This being said it would be an honor to be able to serve as one of your class officers for the fourth and final time. Over the past three years, countless fundraisers have been done and hours of planning, all leading up to this final hurrah. From the senior picnic, spirit days, and of course - prom, I will work endlessly to make sure they are all experiences that we will remember years after we graduate. I will work with staff and the student body to make sure our sendoff out of Daniel Hand is a phenomenal one.

Jack Tompkins

Fellow Classmates, some of you may know me as Jack, JT, Tompkins, or one of the class officers of Daniel Hand. I am proud to announce that I am seeking another term as a class officer for 2024. In this leadership role, I have shown integrity, leadership, assertiveness, and enthusiasm for the future of our class. Over the past year, I have worked extremely hard to value the rights and privileges that our class deserves. I have worked hard with the administration to make DHHS a positive and fun environment for everyone. We found solutions to issues that have never been found before, and we will continue to work next year to achieve the best state for students at Hand. As seniors, we deserve the most privilege and authority and I will fight to restore these values that have since vanished. Make the right choice and elect JT for Class Officer!

Mason Williams

Dear Class of 2024, as we are approaching our final year of high school, I’m sure we all want to enjoy our time left in this community to the fullest and prepare for our futures. To me, this means that if elected, I would have a responsibility to address every concern brought to me to improve that area of our school to the best of my ability. I would also advocate for resources and opportunities for us to figure out and refine the details of the next chapter of our lives, in order for everyone to have a better chance to achieve the success I know we are capable of. Those of you who know me know that I am dedicated to improving the lives of those around me, and if you vote for me, this claim will become evident. Best of luck to the other candidates, Mason W

Madeline Wines

As a class officer candidate, I bring many things to the table.  Experience: I’ve been a class officer for 3 years, and initiated 2 new fundraisers this year (Cutest Pet Contest & Pop-Up Thrift Store). I've also organized pancake breakfasts and car washes, raising our class thousands of dollars.  Work ethic: I'm committed to our class inside and outside of school because I care (E.g., IG posts, meetings, etc.). That's the reason Mr. Bodner chose me to serve on the Helping Hands Committee and why Mr. Salutari selected me to be on the honor guard for graduation.   Character: I’m a Helping Hands recipient and volunteer at The Hearth and the Women & Family Life Center. This has taught me communication, collaboration, and empathy, all important traits for a leader. As you vote, please pick who you think will continue to do a great job for our class. Please vote for me!