Essays Class of 2025

Cooper Burke

Class Officer is a very important role in the DHHS community. I am a good candidate for this role because I value collective decision-making and teamwork to accomplish a common goal; two essential characteristics of a Class Officer. My goal in decision-making is to include others' opinions and then come to a conclusion that benefits my peers. This can be seen in my everyday life as a student at Daniel Hand, including on many sports teams, and clubs, and in classes throughout the school day. In conclusion, I would make a great Class Officer because I commonly practice two of the necessary traits of a Class Officer, teamwork and collective decision-making.

Aden Chorney

I would like to reapply for the position of class officer to connect the wants and needs of the Class of 2025 with the faculty of Daniel Hand. As a well-rounded student both socially and academically, I believe I'm capable of representing the interests of my entire class. If I have the opportunity to serve my class again, I will continue to listen and give a voice to the student body of DHHS. In this past year as a class officer, I have enjoyed being an active member of the Hand community as an underclassman. I will continue to be proactive and informed on the issues facing Hand students and will confidently meet the additional responsibilities of junior year for the class of 2025. I look forward to doing whatever I can to make the 2023-2024 school year the best it can be for my fellow rising juniors and the entirety of Daniel Hand High School.

Nora Hughes

After serving as a class officer for the past two years, I have a great understanding of what needs to be done in the next two years in order for our class to have very memorable events. Throughout this year I have taken on many responsibilities in order to benefit our class, and make progress in fundraising and planning future events. I hope to continue this progress that I have made along with my fellow class officers and our class advisors in our junior year. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming years and as your advisor, I will make sure to listen to the requests of all class members and make these events very memorable. I have enjoyed working alongside my fellow officers for the past two years, and am proud of the progress we have made and hope to continue this into our junior year.

Justin Li

I am excited to continue serving as a class officer and contribute to our school community. My priority is to foster a welcoming and positive environment, where all students feel respected and included. As someone who is involved in several extracurricular activities, I am excellent at managing my time and prioritizing my responsibilities. I understand the demands of this position and am confident in my ability to meet them, including organizing fundraisers for events such as junior and senior prom. Working together with my fellow class officers, I will strive to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere for students here at Daniel Hand and make the rest of our high school years enjoyable.

Shailen Pathy

As a current Class Officer ad hoc, I understand the position entails responsibility and collaboration. In my personal experiences, I have been on sports teams, particularly baseball, where I have earned the opportunity to become a leader, while I have also had the privilege of witnessing amazing guidance from other teammates. I have learned that there are times when you need to focus on the individual, and there are other times when you need to address the needs of the group as a whole. Through other activities, such as Peer Advocates, I have developed skills to assist others who are experiencing challenging times. Through my growing commitment to the Culinary Arts, I appreciate meticulous details and realize how one minor change can affect the end result. Leadership begins with listening, and it would be an honor to represent the Class of 2025 next year as a Class Officer.

Kayla Remy

For the upcoming school year, it would be an honor to hold the position of a Class Officer. This opportunity is a large responsibility, and if given, I want to use it to help improve our school community in a variety of ways with the help of the other class officers. I believe that many of the diverse voices that fulfill our community go unheard, and with this position I want to make them more vocal, and help those feel understood and not forgotten. I’d also like to help plan the school activities. As our junior year nears, these events are critical to our high school career, as they not only elevate our experience but more importantly our sense of community. The memories made from these events can last a lifetime, and bring us all closer together. Overall, I hope that you will consider me to become a class officer for next year. Thank you!

Adam Signorello

As a Junior at Daniel Hand, I would like to continue my position as a class officer for a third year. Through serving in this capacity, I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the students in my class as well as those in the rest of the school. Those who know me know that I am a hard worker in the classroom and in sports, and I aspire to continue to apply this quality to my role as a class officer. I love being a part of the bigger picture at our school and working behind the scenes to help create true positive change. Junior year is a notoriously difficult year for high school students, as many pack their schedules to the brim with rigorous classes and extracurriculars. As an officer, I will work hard to ensure that stress levels are limited as much as possible to make our Junior year an enjoyable and manageable one.

Lily Vest

Acting as a Class Officer for the past two years, I have taken the responsibility of being an active participant in the school community by attending meetings, organizing fundraisers, and continuing to be open-minded towards all students and faculty. I listen to the opinions, perspectives, and ideas of other students and administrators. I advocate for our class by taking what I learned from others and bringing those ideas to the student leadership meetings. Throughout these past two years, I have learned that I am comfortable engaging with the administration and discussing any ideas or difficult and uncomfortable issues on behalf of other students. I am also, in the process of starting a club to improve the culture of the student body at hand, and I hope it will impact many people in our community. I hope to use my leadership role on Class Council to help improve the school community and make it a more positive and supportive environment where all students feel valued.

Aedan Virgulto

Reelect me, Aedan Virgulto, as your class officer. I have been an officer for the past two years and know how to fundraise for our class. I promise to be your voice in class meetings. I encourage you to talk to me and tell me your concerns. As a class, we wish to have fun activities that we will remember for decades. Our senior year we want low prom ticket prices and many fun activities. I will work hard on your behalf to raise funds for these activities. I bring both knowledge and experience with me as I am a Boy Scout and have been a part of countless school projects. I work well with other people as I am a good listener. I believe it is important to hear everyone. It is for these reasons that I hope you will allow me to represent you as a class officer.

Oliver Wilker

My name is Oliver Wilker and I am running for reelection for class officer for the 2023-2024 school year. It would be an honor to represent my classmates in filling this position. I already have two years of experience being a class officer, so I am well aware of a class officer’s responsibilities. I am flexible with my time which will allow me to commit to my obligations and fulfill the role I need to. I would appreciate the opportunity to be your class officer.