Essays Class of 2025

Cooper Burke

Class Officer is a very important role in the DHHS community. I am a good candidate for this role because I value collective decision making and teamwork to accomplish a common goal; two essential characteristics of a Class Officer. My main strategy in decision making is to include others' opinions and then come to a conclusion that benefits everybody. One example is when myself and a group of people were able to come together to make a decision about a project. We were able to come to a decision that benefited the project while including everyone’s opinions. One example of when I use teamwork is playing sports. Without teamwork, a sports team can not accomplish their goal, to succeed. In conclusion, I would make a great Class Officer because I commonly practice two of the necessary traits of a Class Officer, teamwork and collective decision making.

Aedan Chorney

I would like to reapply for the position of class officer to connect the wants and needs of the Class of 2025 with the staff of Daniel Hand. As a well-rounded student both socially and academically, I believe I'm able to represent my entire class instead of only specific groups of peers. If I have the privilege to serve my class again, I will continue to listen and give a voice to the student body of DHHS. In this past year as a class officer, I have enjoyed being an active member of the Hand community as an underclassman. Next year I will continue striving to improve the current freshmen class. I look forward to doing whatever I can to make the 2022-2023 school year the best it can be for my fellow rising sophomores and the entirety of Daniel Hand High School.

Nora Hughes

After having the second half of our freshman year be almost completely normal, I have faith for our next 3 years of high school that we will be able to have a completely traditional experience. As your class officer, I will ensure that we get to have the normal high school experiences that we have been looking forward to for years, and that we got to have towards the end of our first year at Hand. After being a class officer this year, I understand the responsibilities that come with being a class officer, and I know what I need to do in order for our grade to have the best possible experiences at the various special occasions that we get to have at Hand. I enjoyed working with my fellow class officers, and I hope that I get the opportunity to do so again next year.

Justin Li

Holding a position as a class officer next year would be an extraordinary privilege and opportunity for me to spark change for the betterment of our school community. As a class officer, I will be committed to making our school a welcoming, amiable, and positive environment by being open and respectful to the different opinions and concerns of my peers. Being a class officer is also a demanding and time-consuming job, and as someone that participates in several different extracurriculars including music and sports, I am excellent at managing my time and prioritizing any work that needs to be done. Furthermore, I will work collectively with my fellow class officers to continue to make DHHS an atmosphere where all students feel comfortable and safe. Together, as the Class of 2025, let’s strive to make the rest of our high school enjoyable and memorable.

Morgan Mastrobattisto

I would like to continue holding the position of class officer because I want to make a difference in the school and also plan fun events. I am very organized, responsible, devoted, and hard working. So far, I have attended many meetings, helped raise money for our class, planned and booked both junior and senior prom, and to help our school in many other ways. My goal is to represent the entire class and listen to their ideas in order to make everyone's time at Daniel Hand fun and memorable. 

Will McGuire

I would like to have the privilege of being class officer because of my desire to aid in improving the high school experience for my peers. It is important to me that myself and the rest of my class leave Daniel Hand prepared to take on the next steps of life, but also take with them unforgettable memories that can be remminised in the years to come. I will ensure that we take the necessary steps to obtain proper funding to fuel our class events, and that this money is used in a way that leaves us as a group satisfied with our time at Hand. In order for our class to enjoy our high school experience to the absolute utmost it is imperative that we have motivated class officers. I will proudly fulfill this responsibility with the goal of increasing opportunities and bettering the lives of my classmates.

Sophie Mervine-Schiff

As our first year at Daniel Hand comes to a close, it's important to think about what the future holds for us as high school students. This is why I am running for one of your class officer positions for next year. I have really enjoyed being a representative for you all this year, and we were able to accomplish a lot as a class. However, as we get older it is so crucial that we keep accomplishing more. For this to happen, more voices will need to be heard. I will make sure to take suggestions and important topics from others to discuss at meetings. I also want to bring new fundraising ideas to the table so we as a class can enjoy fun activities and have a great experience throughout the years ahead of us. I hope you all consider me for re-election!

Kayla Remy

The role of class officer is a very important job for the school community. I would be proud to become a class officer for the students of Hand. A reason why I want to assume the role of class officer is partaking with the organization of class events. All students enjoy the school events such as Pep Rallies, dances, etc.. I think it’s very important to take feedback from our peers to make each event and activities more enjoyable. Though, I believe this should not only apply to just the school dances, but all aspects of school with making improvements. Secondly, I would like to assume this role is because of the opportunities it provides to work with others such as other class officers, and/or peers. This is valuable because I believe that you’ll always need teamwork throughout our life, and it is more enjoyable to work with others.

Adam Signorello

As a Sophomore at Daniel Hand, I would like to be a class officer for a second consecutive year. This role has given me the opportunity to represent my peers and voice my opinions on changes that should be made in the school. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a hardworking person in school and outside of school, and I hope to continue to apply this to the role. I want to continue to be a leader in ensuring that Daniel Hand continues to be a positive and welcoming environment to everyone. I will also work to help bring back pep rallies and have other fun events, and make the 2022- 2023 school year one to remember.

Lily Vest

Acting as a Class Officer this year I have taken the responsibility of being an active participant in the school community by attending meetings, organizing fundraisers, and continuing to be open minded towards all students and faculty. I listen to the opinions, perspectives, and ideas of other students and administrators. I advocate for our class by taking what I learned from others and bringing those ideas to the student leadership meetings. I have learned throughout this past year that I am comfortable engaging with the administration and discussing any ideas or difficult and uncomfortable issues on behalf of other students. I hope to use my leadership role on Class Council to help improve the school community and make it a more positive and supportive environment where all students feel valued.

Aedan Vigulto

Elect me, Aedan Virgulto, to our Class Council. If you do, I promise to be your voice in our class meetings. I encourage you to talk to me and tell me your concerns. As a class, we wish to have fun activities that we will remember for decades. I will work hard on your behalf to raise funds for these activities. I bring both knowledge and experience with me as I am a Boy Scout and a member of the Excel Club. I work well with other people as I am a good listener. I believe it is important to hear everyone. It is for these reasons that I hope you will allow me to represent you on our Class Council.

Oliver Wilker

My name is Oliver Wilker, and I am rerunning for the position of Class Officer. Through my experience this past year, I have become more familiar with the responsibilities of a Class Officer. Yes, it’s attending meetings and fundraiser events, but more importantly, it’s about improving our school community. As a Class Officer, I will help express the beliefs of my class to administration, in order to make these improvements. No matter how tough the decision, I will always act out of the best interests of the entirety of Daniel Hand. In essence, I would like to be a Class Officer so that I can improve the school community for my peers.