Essays Class of 2026

Jolie Aarsen

Hello, I am Jolie Aarsen, I am running for the position of Class Officer for the 2026 class. I believe I am qualified for this position because, from my previous experience serving as a class officer this year, I gained new leadership and communication skills that I will continue to develop if I am reelected. This past term I have helped organize and execute fundraising events to raise money for future activities for our class. I also attended multiple meetings throughout the year with the administration, where I used my communication skills to voice the desires and concerns of our student body. Next year I hope to continue developing successful fundraising events to support new opportunities and activities for our class. If I am reelected I will continue to strive to make our class more united while ensuring that every student is heard and we have an enjoyable high school experience!

Grace Ackerman

I had the privilege of being a class officer freshman year and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. This year I enjoyed managing certain fundraisers and being in charge of our class’s social media page. I initiated small fundraisers which allowed us to raise thousands of dollars for future events at Hand. If voted as next year’s class officer, I would like to sell Hand merchandise that students would want to wear. I would host a school Movie Nights on the turf and a Teachers vs Students sporting event. Our class is going to need money for future activities and I want to help us raise it. I would make sure the sophomore classes’ voices are all heard so we can have the best high school experience possible. I have many plans for our sophomore year and with your vote, those plans can be a reality.

Aubri Barone

I feel that I’m a good candidate for class officer because I’m reliable, have integrity, am passionate, and am an assertive communicator. I believe that if I’m chosen as a class officer, I will be able to make a difference by encouraging policy changes that focus on the importance of learning about health and future lifelong skills. One idea that I have is to advocate for organic, grass-fed, vegan, and gluten-free options to be available in the cafeteria. I think it’s important to be educated on the importance of where our food sources come from and the effects on our health and environment. Another goal I have is to ask the district to offer more classes that educate students on the importance of conflict resolution, attachment theory, and healthy relationship skills that many of us haven’t learned from our families… So, let’s make next year the best year yet!

Jane Barrett

Hello, I am rerunning for class officer for the class of 2026. As class officer this year we raised over 1,000 dollars with two very successful fundraisers. These fundraisers showed my hard work and dedication to our class. I have worked very well with all of my fellow class officers this year which shows my ability to have quality teamwork. I have many leadership skills from being a captain of my dance team. I have obtained time management skills from daily track and dance while maintaining good grades. I have many ideas for how we can raise even more money next year such as a color run, holding a schoolwide event, and raffles at sporting events. I will listen to the wants and needs of everyone to help allow us for the best senior year. Thank you for your time, I hope you consider me for this position.

Milo Burch

I see the role of a class officer as a unique opportunity in life for students at Daniel Hand High School.  I feel that I would be well-suited for this position because I would seize this opportunity to bring about beneficial changes and actions for my class ad the school at large.  For example, I would like to increase funding opportunities to make sure that my class has plenty of resources available to them for endeavors such as special events and other grade-specific needs.  Although DHHS is a large school, I will make it my priority to represent the needs and wants of everyone in the class of 2026.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gabriel Cesar

I'm running for class officer, and I’d like to be a voice for our class. I believe I will be a great fit for the class officer, where I would work for all of your wants and needs. I would be very active in fundraising for my belief that the class of 26’ deserves the best. This year I’ve done extracurriculars such as the boy’s tennis team and DAWG club, and I’m willing to put in as much time as needed as a class officer. Some of my goals as a class officer would be to ensure that everyone’s voice and requests are not only heard but seriously considered. So, if you want someone who will work hard for our future class events/funding and for our wants to be represented, make sure to give me your vote. Thanks, Gabriel Cesar

Lillian Gerrard

This past year marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Not only as students but as individuals as well. I desire to make this period of our lives the absolute best it can be. As a class officer, I would have the means by which to make alterations based on the many voices and viewpoints of our class, creating years filled with tailored activities, fundraisers, extracurriculars, and so much more. I am confident that I harbor the proper qualifications and attributes of a strong leader, as I am willing to put in the extra effort, I am passionate about making our high school experience exciting for all, and I may empathize with the numerous perspectives of our class. My primary goal is to fulfill the wishes and make clear the concerns of our students, building memories that will last a lifetime.

Harrison Hodge

Hello fellow classmates. I am running for a Class Officer position to represent our class. Ever since 5th grade at Brown Middle School, I have actively participated in school leadership positions. I look forward to representing us next year as Sophomores. I am excited to become a Class Officer so that I can work to improve the student experience at Daniel Hand for our grade, and the entire school community. I want to be a part of making sure that the student leadership committee for our grade recognizes the importance of academics, athletics, and other extracurricular activities. Hopefully, you will vote in support of me, as I am confident I will effectively reflect the interests of our class, and promote class events and spirit. Thank you for your consideration, and let's make next year amazing for the Class of 2026!

Liza Jobson

I am applying for Class Officer because I believe that I have the leadership skills, dedication, and passion to make a positive impact on our class and school community. As someone who plays multiple sports, including soccer and basketball, I would provide perspectives that may not be offered otherwise. As a Class Officer this past year, I made sure that if my peers had any ideas for our school, I brought them up in our meetings. After many conversations with my peers, I have heard lots of ideas for adjustments on advisory, which is just one of the things that I will be sure to address in the coming year. Ultimately, I believe that I would be helpful in making our years at this school the best they can be! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jackson Kilduff

Why should I be chosen to be a class officer? I have many valuable qualities that would be ideal in an officer position. I participate avidly in activities and sports here at Hand. In the fall I was the Varsity Team Manager for the boys’ basketball team and a member of the D.A.W.G. club where I helped raise money for animals in the Dan Cosgrove animal shelter. I'm never afraid to speak my mind and always speak out for the interests of my classmates and peers. I am also a hard worker and I always make sure I achieve my goals. If elected class officer I will not rest until the needs of my peers and the school are met. I promise that if anyone were to have a discrepancy with their school environment I would not rest until resolved. Thank you for your consideration, Jackson Kilduff

Maggie Lavin

I would like to be a class officer because I want to make a positive impact on my classmate’s experience at Daniel Hand. I would love to be involved in fundraising for events like dances and class trips. I also want to make sure the voices of students in the class of 2026 are heard. As a class officer, I would work to address the needs of the class of 2026, as well as organize and fundraise for exciting events and activities.

Sofia Rastelli

I would like to be a Class officer to help improve and serve Hand. The class of 2026 deserves to have a say in the workings of their school, and I want to help be that voice. I promise to listen to people and bring up issues that concern them, such as paper towels in the bathroom. I promise to work hard to make their ideas seen, even if I don’t agree with them. I want to be a class officer to be there for Hand.

Claire Rickelman

I have been an active member of the Hand community by being a three-season athlete (field hockey, indoor track, and lacrosse). I love sports because of the team environment it creates and the positive opportunities that follow. After going through a plethora of different sports teams throughout my life, I have seen what a positive and negative team environment looks like. I plan to bring a promising, encouraging, and supportive environment to our class and to people who do and don’t play a team sport. We can all agree that when it comes to our senior year, we want to be able to have fun and enjoy our last year in Madison. I want to help participate and come up with lots of fundraising ideas. I also want to make sure that we are all proactive with the fundraisers. Please consider me for class officer!

Ella Schroeder

My name is Ella Schroeder, and I am so excited to be rerunning for class officer for my Sophomore year. This past year a lot of work behind the scenes was done. I helped pick our junior and senior prom venues as well as helped organize fundraising events. While fundraising at local grocery stores and school events, we raised enough to cover the cost of our prom deposits. We still have a lot of work to do but I am committed to continue our efforts in order to have some great events in the near future. A priority as your class officer is to raise enough money for the class of 2026 to have an awesome Senior year. I will focus on raising funds for an amazing prom, an incredible senior picnic, and a fun Senior trip. I hope I can count on your vote!

Ella Speerli

Hi, Class of 2026! I am running for re-election as one of your class officers. This year, I was involved in the planning and execution of all the fundraising events we did. I am also involved in the Excel club and Giving Bach at Daniel Hand. I am on the swim and dive team, the gymnastics team, and the track team! I have been in many leadership positions over the years through sports, academics, and clubs. My goals for the following years are to work hard to fundraise as much money as possible to give us amazing opportunities as upperclassmen and during senior year! I also aim to give all students in our grade a voice and allow them to impact class decisions. I am excited to represent our class again, let's make this our best year yet!

Elizabeth Walsh

Please vote Elizabeth Walsh as a class officer. I am passionate about leadership and want to make a difference in our school community. I would make sure our class voices are heard and needs are fulfilled so we can have the best high school experience. A primary goal would be to enhance student engagement at our school events. I am willing to work hard to make our school a better place for all of us, whether it is organizing a school-wide fundraiser, creating a spirit week, or simply listening to your thoughts and concerns. I'd like to make our whole experience at Hand the best it can be. I am confident that I have the abilities, experience, and determination required to be an effective class officer and to help our class have the best next 3 years at Hand.

Kalya Warnke

Class Officer is an important position in our school and I intend to take it seriously. Leadership and compromise are some of the most important skills one should have when being put in a leadership position. Years of playing on sports teams, and participating in clubs such as Peer Pals helped me develop these skills, making me a prime candidate for this position. As a class officer, I will make sure no one's voice is silenced because every opinion is a new perspective worth listening to. I promise to advocate on behalf of our class for things we want and need like less homework and longer Wellness Wednesday. My ability to be efficient while taking others' ideas into perspective will benefit this team as we work to achieve our goals. I look forward to planning fun and exciting events and organizing fundraisers that will benefit our class in the future.