Essays Class of 2026

Grace Ackerman

It has been an honor to serve as a class officer for the past two years. During this time, many of my fundraising ideas have left the class with thousands of dollars available to spend on future events like prom, senior picnic, and Nite at Hand. I also manage the social media account, keeping the class of 2026 informed of upcoming events. If elected for next year, I would ensure a well-decorated prom with activities other than just dancing. I would love to sell Hand merchandise that students would want to wear and would host the Teachers vs. Students sporting event. Our class is going to need money for our upcoming events and I promise to fundraise it. I have many plans for a successful Junior year and with your vote, those plans can become a reality.

Jane Barrett

Hello, I am so excited to be rerunning for class officer for the class of 2026. I have been a class officer for two years now and have gotten the privilege to help lead the team to many successful fundraisers. I have shown immense leadership skills through the past two years as a class officer, being on the leadership team for the Yearbook Club, and being a captain of my dance team. Throughout the last two years, I have worked very hard through busy schedules to make the fundraisers succeed and I know that if you re-elect me, I will give us the best senior year we could ask for. I want to continue being a class officer in order to listen to everyone's ideas and come up with fun fundraiser ideas, such as color runs, schoolwide events, and food sales like hot chocolate in the winter. Thank you for your consideration!

Milo Burch

The role of class officer is a vital one at the school and one that must be given time and dedication. I believe that going into Junior year, I can be an effective representative for the Class of 2026 and can put in the time and dedication required for the role. During my Sophomore year, I helped to create and carry out several successful fundraisers that will help pay for class expenses down the road, such as having the ability to pay for an amazing prom. I will continue to serve my class by giving a voice to the Class of 2026 in student government and continuing to fundraise for the greater good of the class. Thank you for your consideration as a candidate, and I hope to receive your vote.

Sam Duffy

I believe that the role of the class officer is a distinct opportunity to have a leading role in improving the quality of life for the students at Daniel Hand High School. I would be an excellent candidate for this position because I am willing to be proactive and determined to make beneficial changes for my class and the community at school. I will tirelessly work to assist in organizing fundraisers and other activities to increase the budget our class has for important events in high school. It’s my vision to help lead the grade and ensure funding for our grade-specific events, while also ensuring I’m an active listener to the needs of the class of 2026. We are all so lucky to attend such a great school, but it's my hope as a class officer to help it reach its full potential. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paul Fumex

I would be honored to be elected as a class officer for the class of 2026. Not only do I feel fit for this position, but I also find myself in a unique circumstance that others may not. Growing up as the youngest child in a family of 4 kids has given me experiences that I believe we as a class could benefit from. Because I’ve witnessed my three older siblings go through their teenage years, I’ve learned to pave my own path while learning from their own personal endeavors. I also learn from my own high school experiences, I play varsity football, wrestling, and tennis for our very own Hand Tigers. Being a three-sport athlete along with participating in Chorus and Waes Haeil has left me as a nexus for all circulating hopes and wishes coming from our class. I look forward to helping our class of 2026 reach its full potential!

Lilliana Gerrard

Junior year is infamous for its stress-inducing activities and college preparation. As your peer, I understand the hesitancy and nervousness associated with leaving the sophomore year behind. However, as a class officer, you trusted me this past year to accumulate funding for your future high school experiences essential to your time at Hand, including Junior prom, Senior prom, Graduation, and the Senior picnic. I am asking you to trust me once again to lead our class through the upcoming trials by donating my time to our financial success and student involvement to ensure our overall enjoyment of high school. I am familiar with leadership roles in varied areas of my life, including academics, athletics, and social programs. Consequently, I fully understand the expectations and requirements placed on an individual holding this position and am confident I will reliably exceed these prerequisites. Thank you for your consideration!

Harrison Hodge

Hello classmates. I am running for re-election as a Class Officer. I have actively participated in leadership positions since 5th Grade and truly appreciated the opportunity to represent our class as sophomores. From participating in regular meetings, creating posters, and visiting local businesses to collect gift card donations, and from organizing fundraisers to selling raffle tickets and Candy Grams, I contributed to a productive year for student leadership. I gained valuable experience that puts me in an excellent position to advocate for our class as we enter our upper-class years. I know we want all of our interests across academics, athletics, and extracurriculars promoted and I would love to help us have great class events in the future. I look forward to continuing to represent our class and hope I will have your vote. Thank you for your consideration. Let’s make junior year amazing for the Class of 2026!

Jack Kilduff

Why should I be considered for a class officer position? There are various reasons I should be considered for the class officer position coming into my Junior year. I am a good student who is active in his school community including being a class officer-elect during the most recent school year, a student-athlete committed to the football team, and a president of the Dog and Animal Welfare group, where we fundraise for animals in shelters. If voted for the position of class officer I will dedicate my commitment to the cause of supporting my class and helping to improve my school community by supporting fundraising events and advocating for change in the school.

Claire Levis

Hello, my name is Claire Levis and I am so excited to be running for Class Officers for the Daniel Hand High School class of 2026. I am passionate about leadership, sportsmanship, and getting to know a variety of different students across Daniel Hand. My involvement in the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams has played a special role in the development of my leadership skills and ability to thrive in teamwork. Aside from sports, I am an active member of the DHHS Show Choir VIBE where I have been able to showcase my skills in music and dance as well as get to know a diverse group of students who share similar passions. I consider myself a leader on the field, stage, and classroom. My involvement has even awarded me the opportunity to attend the Connecticut High School Sportsmanship Conference which enhanced my understanding of the importance of leadership and spreading positivity. I believe that my skill set will be a great addition to the Class Officers and promise to help create a positive student body should I be elected. Thank you for your time and GO TIGERS!

Chloe Monaghan

I would love to represent our class as an officer because I want to make sure our class has the best junior year possible. I love to be involved, I play girls' ice hockey as a goalie, I run the DHHS sports photography club, and I am a part of peer advocates. Junior year is widely thought to be the hardest year possible, as an officer I am hoping to help lessen the burden in many ways. I would have a heavy focus on how we can make our prom affordable and fun for everyone. As an officer, I am hoping to do a lot of fundraising to make prom tickets more affordable, so we can enjoy the day without having to worry about an expensive ticket. I would also focus on class spirit. I would like to create more spirit days to get people excited for upcoming school events, like football games, or homecoming. I hope to help junior year be as fun and stress-free as possible!

Bobby Reh

Having a leader in the school community who will both listen to the concerns and desires of the students and then take the initiative to get things accomplished is the goal when choosing a class officer.  I, Bobby Reh, am a candidate promising to do exactly that.  Whether we are planning events or fundraising for the class, your ideas will be taken into account.  Junior year carries generally the toughest academics, but can also be balanced with exciting events, especially now as we become upperclassmen.  You want a leader who will be dedicated to the student council to make junior year our best yet.  I play Hand football and baseball as well as do volunteer work with Madison Youth and Family Services.  I pride myself on being outgoing, driven, and goal-oriented.  I look forward to working for and representing the Daniel Hand class of 2026.

Ella Schroeder

My name is Ella Schroeder, and I am excited to be rerunning for Class Officer during my junior year. I have been a Class Officer for 2 years now, and each year I have been a major contributor in organizing and promoting the various fundraisers which will directly contribute to making our Class of 2026's senior year events special and memorable. Most recently, I actively participated in our Candy Gram fundraiser which raised over $1,000 toward our class funds. I also personally helped collect gift cards from Madison's local businesses to include in our very successful raffle. One new fundraising idea that a fellow Class Officer and I hope to achieve next year is to hold DHHS's First Annual Haunted House. We still have a lot of funds to raise next year, and my priority as Class Officer is to work extra hard for an incredible Senior year.

Daniel Shenouda

As a Class Officer, I will make sure that our student leadership plays a more active role in the class. This will start by fundraising a lot more money for the class through bake sales, school spirit days, and lotteries. The money that is raised from these sources will be used towards events for our class. Through this, events like Junior Prom can be made cheaper for students, while simultaneously making sure that it receives all the resources that it needs. I am also interested in organizing other events for the class such as class-wide field trips and field days.

Ella Speerli

Hi, Class of 2026! I am running for election as one of your class officers. In both our Freshman and Sophomore years, I was involved in planning and executing all our fundraising events. I am also involved in the Excel Club, and the Make A Wish Club. I am on the dive team, gymnastics team, and outdoor track team! I have been in many leadership positions over the years through sports, academics, and clubs. My goals for this upcoming year are to work hard to fundraise as much money as possible to give us amazing opportunities as upperclassmen and during senior year! I also aim to give all students in our grade a voice and allow them to impact class decisions. I am excited to represent our class. Let's make this our best year yet!

Tyler Stites

I would be an effective class officer by bringing my adaptability and leadership skills to Daniel Hand in order to improve the school experience for all students. Additionally, I have valuable perspectives and insights that I earned from being in school districts in 3 different states (California, Missouri, and Arizona). Because I have friends from all parts of Daniel Hand and have participated in all sorts of sports, clubs, and activities, I know there is a wide variety of opinions and perspectives.  I will do my best to act as a representative for everyone. Finally, as a class officer, I would do my best to ensure that Daniel Hand’s bathrooms and facilities are kept in adequate condition.

Elizabeth Walsh

I am running for class officer again this year to continue to make a difference in our school community. This past year, I raised money for our class through numerous fundraisers. These fundraisers will help us fund our junior and senior activities, which are right around the corner. I understand the importance of our voices being heard and want to ensure we have the best high school experience. Over this past year, I have been a voice for the students and encouraged the faculty to listen to our issues. I am committed to continuing this work and making our school a better place. I am a hard worker and have the experience and determination to be a class officer again and help our class have the best next two years at Hand. Please vote for me! 

Kayla Warnke

Class Officer is an important position in our school and I intend to take it seriously. Leadership and compromise are some of the most important skills one should have when being put in a leadership position. Years of playing on sports teams, and participating in clubs such as Make-a-Wish, and Yearbook helped me develop these skills, making me a prime candidate for this position. As a class officer, I will make sure no one's voice is silenced because every opinion is a new perspective worth listening to. I promise to advocate on behalf of our class for things we want and need, like a great Junior Prom. My ability to be efficient while taking others' ideas into perspective will benefit this team as we work to achieve our goals. I look forward to planning fun and exciting events and organizing fundraisers that will benefit our class in the future.