Advisor: Mr. Barnett

A non-competitive environment to learn and pay a variety of sport and games.


Advisor: Ms. Stott

To help students better retain and learn topics in AP United State History

Badminton Club

Advisor: Mr. Barnett

Give students the opportunity to engage in physical activity after school.

Bike Club

Bike Club Advisor: Jason Engelhardt

Bike club meets some Fridays after school to talk about bikes, plan bike rides, sometimes ride as a group from school, and sometimes hold events related to biking (and unicycling).  Meetings in school at room 220. Google classroom code 2q4jwqq  for updates and info.

Book Buddies

Advisor: Mrs. DaSilva

To inspire a new generation of readers and increase literacy rates.

Boys Council

Boys Council Advisor: Justin Zeigler

A group for young men to connect and talk about issues around being a young man. Meets Mondays after school in the career center.

Brighter Beginnings

Brighter Beginnings is a club that helps spread awareness and support new families who don’t have access to basic necessities. We work with The New Haven Diaper Bank to organize fundraisers and participate in volunteer work. We meet on Thursdays in room 333 after school and the Google Classroom code is r2i6ppj. New members are always welcome!

Advisor: Brian Gouin

Camaraderie Club

Camaraderie Club Advisor: Trish Docker

Camaraderie Club is a unified club in which we play games, interact with each other, appreciate each others differences, and overall have fun!

Camaraderie Club meets 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m., room #233, next to the elevator.

Caring for CT

Caring for CT Advisor: Sue Greenvall

Caring for CT is a civic minded club where students come together to plan and participate in volunteer activities that benefit our CT community. Meeting dates TBD

Chess Club

Chess Club Advisor: Julie Johnson

The chess club is open to chess players of all levels. Students will engage in casual matches, strategy discussions, and informal tournaments. The club meets on Thursdays in room 310. Meetings run from 2:05 - 3:00 p.m., but you do not need to stay the whole time or come every week to be a part of our club. The Google Classroom join code is wg3iuue.


Choices Advisor: Justin Zeigler

Students go to Polson Middle School during the school day and speak to the eighth grade health classes about making good choices, and present that it is possible to be an active high school student and not use substances.

Debate Club

Debate Advisor: Everett Rutan

Debate is open to all students. The team competes in the Connecticut Debate Association tournaments each month ( for schedule and details) at both the Varsity and Novice level. Experienced debaters have the opportunity to compete at tournaments sponsored by Yale, Columbia, Vassar and others.

Meetings are once per week, currently on Thursdays from 5-6PM, via Zoom.


DHHS Live Advisor: Luke Arsenault

The DHHS Live broadcast club works to facilitate the NFHS website in recording and broadcasting sports and dramatic events.

Dog and Animal Welfare Group

Dog and Animal Welfare Group Advisor: Joelle Corretti

DAWG members work to bring awareness to animal welfare issues and to support shelters and rescue groups in need.

DAWG meets every other Wednesday in room 339

Diversity Club

Advisor: Mia Corvino

Diversity Club members work to promote discussion, raise awareness, and promote action against stereotypical and discriminatory remarks and actions that target one's race or ethnic background.

Diversity Club meets every Wednesday from 2:05-2:45 in room 329

Dungeons & Dragons Club

Advisor: David Brine

The Dungeons and Dragons Club is a group meant to organize and play campaigns designed by students. Create and play your character, like a Barbarian Goliath, or Elfish Sorceror, amongst other combinations. Roll for initiative! The Club meets on varying days depending on attendance and Game Masters. See Mr. Brine in room 238 for a list of campaigns, dates, and GMs. 


Advisor: Ron Soja

ENCORE is a contemporary acapella group that meets Tuesdays after school. It is audition based

Environmental Club

Advisor: Elisa Brako

The Eco Club is a student-led organization that promotes civic engagement for environmental causes at school, locally and beyond. We are continually involved in initiatives that include decreasing our school carbon footprint/plastic use, creating habitats and food sources for native pollinators, Bauer Park and coastal trash collection, and animal welfare and rehabilitation, to name a few.

Eco Club meets Mondays in room 226 and our Classroom code is iaffifu

Fashion Club

Advisor: Mrs. Merkle

Spread awareness

Fish Club

Advisor: Mr. Kaeser

The Daniel Hand Fish Club will serve to educate people on how to be environmentally friendly so we can keep our waters clean and our fish healthy and educate on proper fishing techniques, safety and regulations.

Flag Squad

Advisor: John Gage

The Tiger Flag Squad is the auxiliary visual component of the Tiger Marching Band. The Flag Squad performs with the band at football games, parades, and on band trips.

In addition to a one week band camp in August, the squad practices Wednesday nights in the fall at DHHS.

French Club

Advisor: Mary Merkle

French Club is a student led group focused upon the French language, francophone culture, music and more. We combine service projects with fun cultural activities.

French Club meets weekly on Fridays in Room 246 at 2:05P. Info is available on GClassroom. Gclassroom code is kjz4psb.


Advisor: Elisa Brako

GAINS  stands for Girls Advancing in STEM. We host presentations by women in various fields of science (biotechnology, veterinary medicine, nursing, engineering, and ecology to name a few) who share their stories of what they do and how they got there. We also meet for STEM socials, tours of local science labs and businesses, science outreach at Polson School, and fun science activities. Our goal is to help girls explore possible career paths in science, network with female scientists and high school students, and just celebrate what makes science fun.

GAINS meets every Wednesday from 2-3pm in room 226. Join us on Google Classroom (code is vzidt6x)

Game Club

Advisor: Ms. Stone      

To relieve some of the stress of school we will play fun games


Advisor: Erin Corbett

GASP (Gender and Sexualities Program) strives to be a supportive environment for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

GASP meets on Fridays after school in room 333

Girls United

Advisor: Melissa Balletto

Girls United provides a safe environment to talk about current events, issues that girls face daily.

Girls Who Code

Advisor: David Buller

Girls Who Code is a club for all girls or non-binary students who want to learn about computer programming, which is also known as coding. We will work on different coding projects each week, and will also take time learn about female mentors and role models in the technology fields, and to socialize.

Meetings times are to be determined, and the club hasn’t officially begun for the 2021-22 school year.

Giving Bach

Advisor: Taralyn Bulyk

Giving Bach is a student-run club for students who are interested in learning to play music with other students for an audience that may not have the opportunity to access live music.  We have performed at nursing homes as well as events through Scranton Library, including the first ever String Instrument Petting Zoo.  

Giving Bach meets Tuesdays in the Music wing.

Hand Print

Advisors: Kelly Smith, Mark Harris

Writers, Editors, Artists, Photographers welcome!

Hand Print will meet Mondays & Thursdays in Room 340.  Class Code: 5bymh6w 

Hands on Stage

Advisor: Joy Grabow, Clare Stone

Theatre Arts

Hands on Stage is an ALL INCLUSIVE theatre arts program. All students who want to explore their inner creativity - on stage and off - are welcome, encouraged and guaranteed to get a chance to participate! We offer a Fall Play, a Spring Musical and a Student Directed play each year. Being in a show is exciting. It builds confidence, nurtures creativity, and fosters friendships that will last a lifetime!

Habitat for Humanity

Advisor: Mia Corvino

Habitat for Humanity works closely with Raise the Roof, Madison's local chapter, by helping to build homes along with the Greater New Haven Habitat organization.  The club plans and runs fundraisers to help raise money for Habitat homes, helps with Gala of the Stars Dance competition, participates in Build on the Green and many other amazing projects and activities!  

Health Service Hopefuls

Advisor: Mrs. O'Neil

Dedicated to health science and health care occupations; soon to become an affiliated member of the HOSA organization.

Hidden Component Club

Advisor:  Mr. Rice 

To relieve the stress of Athletes by doing fun activities.

High-Five Mentoring

Advisor: Melissa Balletto

This program matches K-3rd graders with highly-motivated, well qualified high school students to provide guidance and positive role modeling. Each high school mentor has to complete a mentor training before participating in the program. Jeffrey students are referred by staff at Jeffrey school.

Inclusion Club

Advisor: Mr. Glasser

Create a group of receptive members who come together to create a safe place where students can share their problems regarding race, religion, disabilities, etc.

Latin Club

Advisor: David Brine

Latin Club promotes the language and culture of the Romans, exploring these through events, and preparing for Latin Day, the annual trip to Holiday Hill to celebrate their Latin experience.

Latin Club typically meets in Room 238 on Mondays starting on October 25, 2021, 2:00-3:00 p.m.   

Math Team (JV)

Advisors: Sue Groll, Vicky Fetchel

JV Math team is for freshmen and sophomores.  We compete with other Connecticut schools at 4 math meets between Sept and Dec.  The team is open to anyone in grades 9 and 10.  We practice twice a week and we have lots of fun.

Math Team (Varsity)

Advisors: Sue Groll, Vicky Fetchel

Varsity math team is for all students grades 9-12.  We compete at 6 math meets between Sept. and Dec.  We practice twice a week and we have lots of fun!

Magic: The Gathering Club

Advisor: Justin Kaeser

The Magic the Gathering club is a group designed by students to play and learn the game of Magic the Gathering. We welcome players from all levels of expertise. Come and enjoy us is exciting 1v1 and 2v2 games. The Club meets on varying days depending on attendance.

See Mr. Kaeser in room 222 if you have questions and/or want to join.

Meditation Club

Purpose of the Club:  To create a space to acknowledge the mind-body connection.

Meeting Day/Time and Location:  Wednesdays, 2 p.m., TBD

Mentoring Matters

Advisor: Melissa Balletto

This program matches 4th and 5th graders with highly-motivated, well qualified high school students to provide guidance and positive role modeling

Model United Nations Club

Advisor: Tom Quirk

We attend several MUN Conferences each year, in which students debate, form committees and resolutions, and have the opportunity to meet and compete with other schools.

The Model UN Club meets after school on Thursdays in Room 308.

Money Club (Stock Market Club)

Advisor: David Tommaso

The Money Club covers all topics related to money and finance like investing and investing strategies, economic theories, and stock market performance.  

The Money Club typically meets every Thursday in room 114.

Peer Advocates

Advisor: Melissa Balletto

This program trains students to be resources to their fellow peers. The 11 week training focuses on self-awareness, communication skills, crisis intervention, and knowledge of available resources. Following the training, monthly “Alumni” meetings are held with all members.

Piano Club

Club Advisor: Ms. Butcher 

Our club is open to anyone who wants to learn how to play piano as well as students who have previous experience. We rehearse to perform at local senior centers and other locations to give back to our community. Anyone who is interested should not hesitate to pop in anytime to a meeting.

Meeting Time/Location: 2:00-2:30 p.m. on Thursdays in Room 240

Robotics Team 1695

Advisor: Bryan Amenta

Robotics Competition Team Meets in Room 122 Wednesdays and Thursdays 2-3pm. All are Welcome.


Advisor: Melissa Balletto

Roots is a student-led group that empowers youth to grow, strengthen, and support one another and their community. By welcoming all students, Roots enables members to advocate, lead, and engage in important issues through creating a caring and positive culture.

Safe Rides

Advisor: Justin Zeigler 

Safe Rides is on hold due to COVID

Science Olympiad

Advisor: Mrs. Tibbets

The Daniel Hand Science Olympiad will bring together a group (or groups) of 15 students to compete in the CT Science Olympiad.  Also to enrich our knowledge in the sciences.

She's the First

Advisor: Jen Aguzzi

She's the First is a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness for equal access to education and funds in support of women in developing countries who will be the first in their family to graduate high school.  

The club meets on Mondays at 2:05 in Room 248.  

Smiles for Smilow

Advisor: Julie Johnson

Smiles for Smilow was started by a former student in order to raise funds to purchase gifts for teen cancer patients receiving treatment at Yale's Smilow Cancer Hospital.  Unlike many organizations that collect toys for younger children, this group focuses on teens, who are often forgotten in the toy drives.  The club's Google Classroom join code is yszlygq.  

The club meets on Mondays in room 310, but not every week.  Join the Google Classroom for updates and information.

Solution Society

Advisors: Mrs. Sayin, Mr. Engelhardt

Have students use math in activities, puzzles, games etc. outside our written curriculum, host fun activities throughout the year for all students regardless of their math level.

Spanish Club

Advisor: Sasha Gauley

Activities include: watching Spanish movies, making arts and crafts, tasting Spanish foods, learning about holidays and traditions, playing board games, puzzles, engaging in community service, etc. Everyone is welcome! 

Spanish Club meets every Friday in Room 239 from 2:00-2:30pm. 

Stage Crew (Hands on Stage)

Advisor: Eli Sherer

Stage Crew is the technical side of Hands on Stage theatre productions (and other shows throughout the school year). Crew members design and build sets, props, costumes(some), and learn/design lighting and sound. The Crew then runs the production for performances which are open to the public.

Student Council

Advisor: Peter Nye

Student Council is a volunteer student leadership group.  Historically Student Council has taken input across the student body to run events and fundraisers campus wide.  Annual traditions include the Pep Rallies and Homecoming.  

Meetings are every Wednesday afternoon at 2:05 in room 303.

Tiger Tutors

Advisor: Joelle Corretti

Tiger Tutors members work at Polson to assist middle school students with academics (homework, etc.). Meetings will be held as needed at DHHS. Tutoring will tentatively start mid-Fall. 


Advisor: Mr. Brine

Provide a safe space for transgender people and allies, and to work on making the everyday lives of transgender students at Hand easier.


Advisor: Vicky Fetchel

The Uganda Club works together on fundraiser projects and ideas to help children in Uganda.

The club meets every other week on Thursdays.


Advisor: Mrs. Rubino

As a sponsored UNICEF organization our mission is to use our voice to advocate, educate, fundraise and build community around various topics that affect youth across our world.


Advisors: Julie Johnson, Josh Young

We design, create, and distribute the annual yearbook, which captures the students, faculty, and more at Daniel Hand.

The Yearbook Club meets after school every Wednesday in room 328.